Weedwalks Now Into Fourth Decade


By Maggie Rue

Mistress Sadira leading a weedwalk in the Barony of Thescorre. Photo by Baroness Katja

The Weedwalks are a long-standing tradition at the Pennsic War: every morning at 10 a.m. class-goers can meet up with a teacher and walk around Pennsic getting a lesson in the local vegetation.

Because the teacher changes with each day, a student can find different plants, a different location, or different information depending on the teacher.

The Pennsic Weedwalks as they are today are operated by Master Emrys Eustace, known as “Broom” (Joe Marfice) and Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf (Patricia Chakalis). Sadira is the queen of all things botanical, and although not the first to lead weedwalks at Pennsic, her incarnation is the longest surviving.

Master Broom

“I originally learned from a man called Whitefeather, who may have been the first to do official weedwalks at Pennsic. My first Pennsic was #11 (1982) and as I recall there were two classes: Water-bearing/Chirurgeon training or battles and the weedwalk. (Not sure if there were others or if these were the only two I wanted to attend). I began leading walks after a person from another state led a walk, making several serious misidentifications.”

“I was ever so grateful when Master Broom started organizing the consortium, because I had done weedwalks for quite a few years before that and was feeling the strain of huge groups of people who wanted more.”

Master Broom agrees. “I only took over from her when she was getting tired of doing many daily walks, and then mundane matters took her away from Pennsic.” Later, Master Broom organized the weedwalks into a consortium with multiple teachers.  He insists, “I am merely the organizer; (the teachers) all are the reason the Weed Walks exist.”

Sadira loved it: “I came back in 2014 to this lovely consortium and all their creativity. What a gift!”

Other teachers have included Raziya bint Rusa (Elizabeth Burdick), Juliane Bechaumpe (Ann Fairhurst), Rue (Jen Sadler), and Layla Al-Zarqa (Kelley Morgan).

Court Report: Bog 3-Day and Baronial Investiture

Documented from the Rolls and Files of the Coram Regibus of Thomas Byron II Rex and Ariella II Regina, King, and Queen of Æthelmearc: Being a True Record of the Business of Their Royal Court at the Bog Three-Day Event, 16 July, Anno Societatis LVII, in the Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog. As recorded by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, Meistr-y-gân, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, assisted by Drotinn jǫrundr hinn rotinn, Silver Buccle Herald, with the assistance of Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir, Silent Herald, and Lady Magdalena Txoperena.

In the morning, Their Majesties summoned Lord Arvik Hyttoinen, seneschal of the Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog. Their Majesties confirmed that a duly conducted election had yielded a result, and heirs had been selected, and Lord Arvik affirmed this to be the case. Their Majesties then called for Baron Gunther Grunbaum and Baroness Rois o Fayh to inquire of Their Excellencies whether they were prepared to pass the baronial thrones to another worthy couple. Their Excellencies begged leave to conduct one final court before giving up their coronets, and finding this boon to be in order, Their Majesties allowed it.

Following their final court, of Baron Gunther and Baroness Rois presented themselves before the Crown, who thanked them for their faithful stewardship, received back the Baronial coronets, and released them into their well-deserved retirement. Lest the Bog thrones sit empty any longer than necessary, Their Majesties welcomed Lord Jean Pierre dit la Barbe Rousse and Lady Caterine de Troyes into Their Court. Upon receiving their oaths of fealty, Their Majesties placed the cattail coronets upon their brows, granting each of them Arms as the seventh Baron and Baroness of St. Swithin’s Bog, and further gave them leave to open a brief court.

During this Baronial Court, Their Majesties discovered that Baron Gunther and Baroness Rois had left something important behind. Their Majesties therefore recalled Their Excellencies to return their celebratory cocktails…and to invest each with the coronet of Court Barony. Scrolls by The Honorable Lord Sasson de Sancta Victoria.

There being no further business at that time, Court was suspended.

In the evening, Their Majesties invited Logan to lead the other youth of the kingdom in pursuit of toys to amuse them during Court.

Their Majesties then welcomed all the newcomers with cups. Thereafter, Their Majesties gave leave to

Their Excellencies of St. Swithin’s Bog to continue their Baronial court.

At the conclusion of Baronial Court, Their Majesties allowed Baron Snorri skyti Bjarnarsson to recognize Mary of Hartford’s shooting that day and invite her to hold the Bow of State.

Next, Their Majesties entreated the outgoing Queen’s Rapier Champion, Don Markus skalpr Grimsson, to recount the events of the tournament that day. One stood victorious over all others, and thus, Her Majesty invited Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill, to take up the regalia of the Champion, and to occupy his place at Her side–starting with the Pennsic half-marathon. Scroll illuminated by Lady Donatella da Fano with calligraphy by Mistress Cynthia Love of the Tower upon wording by The Honorable Lord Kenn the Just and Lady Katerina de la Marne.

Their Majesties also wished to recognize the efforts of one fencer who distinguished himself upon the field. So impressed was Her Majesty that She decreed it unjust were Ferruccio Camino to go another day without being raised to the nobility. With admiration for his skill and appreciation for the enthusiasm with which he has thrown himself into the Society, They Awarded him Arms. Scroll forthcoming.

Their Majesties next sought Katrina Beese. Recognizing her helpfulness and service to others, and most especially to the Crown, they saw fit to name her a Companion of the Silver Buccle. Scroll by Master Christofano Vecchione.

Their Majesties then summoned Lord Jacen Teague. Noting his skill and artistry in leatherwork, both practical and decorative, clothes, accessories, and beyond, they were pleased to induct him into Their Order of the Sycamore. Scroll illuminated by Baron Gunther Grunbaum with calligraphy and wording by Baroness Rois o fayh.

Next, Their Majesties desired to see Lord Ulf of the Wee Horn. Where many saw the suspension of in-person activities as an impediment, Their Majesties noted that Lord Ulf had seen it as an opportunity to practice. For this and his dedication to building his skills, they were minded making him a Companion of the Golden Alce. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Rachel Daliceaux.

Their Majesties also sought Lord Madoc MacRoyri. Once again, Their Majesties noted Lord Madoc’s service to the arena of thrown weapons, including setting up and marshalling ranges, and his skill and accuracy. For these reasons, they were pleased to name him a Companion of the Golden Alce. Scroll: illumination by Baron Caleb Reynolds, calligraphy by Master Iago Benitez, and words by Lady Elizabeth Rosamond.

Their Majesties then invited Master Robert O’Connor to join Them, to remind him of his many years of hospitality and service as a host and master of ceremonies for the 100 Beers War among many other receptions both official and unofficial. For his gift at making others welcomed and attended, and for spreading joy and making the parties of Æthelmearc renowned through the Known World, Their Majesties were pleased to induct him into the Order of the Howling Wolf. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Racel Daliceaux upon wording by Master Alaric MacConnal.

Their Majesties received Lord Bjorn inn digri, who had been called from the kitchen. They remarked that this seemed appropriate, since he is almost always to be found cooking for others, when he is not photographing courts. For this joy in service, Their Majesties felt it mete and proper to name him a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll in wood pyrography by Lord Arvik Hyttoinen upon calligraphy and wording by Lady Ragnhilda Manadottir.

Next, Their Majesties had need to bring Master Kieran MacRae before them. His Majesty spoke of the compact He and Master Kieran had entered recently, and of how Their Majesties were pleased to be the ones to summon Their Noble Order of the Gage to acclaim and induct him among their number. Scroll (With glow-in-the-dark details!) by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Their Majesties also desired to be attended by Don Simon Caminante. Their Majesties noted His Lordship’s dedication to the rapier community, including cut-and-thrust, marshaling, and serving the marshallate and maintaining websites for rapier combat. For this long service, they agreed with the Noble Order of the Millrind to make him their newest Companion. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Gesa von Wellenstein upon words by Baron Caleb Reynolds.

At this time, Their Majesties required that Lord Ulf Bareleg relieve them of a quantity of bottles, which They thought he might be able to use. On the chance that he might need additional incentive to fill them, Their Majesties entreated Their Noble Order of the Fleur D’Æthelmearc forward, so that they might add their own endorsement to his efforts. Their Majesties thus Granted Arms to His Lordship Ulf and named him a Companion of the Order. Scroll by illuminated by Posadnitsa Zaritsa Zavodchikovna and calligraphed by Sir Murdoch Bayne.

Following this, Their Majesties called Baron Salvadore de la Torres before the throne. Declaring that His Excellency’s prowess, eagerness, service, and courtesy speak for themselves, Their Majesties nevertheless, informed His Excellency that others had also spoken, and that Their Majesties found those words worth heeding. Thus, they summoned Their Noble Order of the White Scarf to join Them, and Her Majesty tied upon His Excellency’s arm the emblem of a Companion of that Order. Thereafter, Their Majesties also received His Excellency’s oath of fealty. Scroll wording by His Majesty Byron, translation and illumination by Princess Leah.

Their Majesties then brought Master Donnan MacDubhsidhe into the Presence. Noting his longevity of service, his steadfast dedication to his group and to the rapier community, his service as the first rapier warlord, and his labor over years and years to form and grow the Æthelmearc rapier army. In recognition of this singular accomplishment to the benefit of the kingdom, Their Majesties were pleased to make him a Baron of the Court. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Gesa von Wellenstein upon words by Duchess Dorinda Courtenay.

Next, Their Majesties had words for The Honorable Lord Guillaume le Noir. These words concerned not only his prowess but his honor, his presence on the field, his exemplary conduct, and his embodiment of all that should be present in the pinnacle of Society. They then invited the Most Noble Order of the Chivalry to join Them, whereupon Count Alric of the Mists took back His Lordship’s squire’s belt, that he might go forth free from bonds of fealty to His Excellency. Their Majesties then decreed that His Lordship should answer Their Majesties’ Writ, to appoint a time and place to sit in contemplation and hold vigil whether he should accept the accolade of peerage. Scroll by Master Kieran MacRae.

Their Majesties invited Dame Caroline of Burgundy before the throne and shared with her Their knowledge of her value to the rapier community, the countless students she has trained, her selfless dedication to furthering the art of the sword, her service as a marshal, and her prowess, which demand that further honors be afforded. Thus, Their Majesties called for the members of the Most Noble Order of Defense to take Dame Caroline into their care, that they might counsel her and that she might choose a day to return with her answer regarding induction as a Master of Defense. Scroll by Amalie Reinhardt with words by Master Po “Some Guy in a Hat” Silvertop.

Their Majesties then found they had need again of Baroness Rois o fayh. Her Excellency, despite overseeing the kitchen, answered the Crown’s summons with joy, prepared to serve. Their Majesties were hardly surprised by this, for in fact, Her Excellency’s service and love of service and willingness to serve had been noted by many, over many years. Upon declaring these observations to be truthful and accurate, and finding Her Excellency’s actions altogether worthy of praise, Their Majesties requested to be joined by the Most Noble Order of the Pelican to continue to bear witness, to offer their counsel, and to conduct Her Excellency upon a date of her choosing to her vigil, so that she might contemplate elevation into their circle of Peerage. Scroll illumination by Mistress Cynthia Love of the Tower, calligraphy by Dame Vivienne Marie de Beauvais, and words by Mistress Aelfra Long.

Her Majesty recognized Baron Leo Dietrich, for His Excellency’s performance in the fencing list and his honor and courtesy on and off the field. Her Majesty praised His Excellency’s efforts to transfer his heavy weapons skills to those of the rapier and presented him with Her token.

Their Majesties then entreated the scribes to come forward for recognition and thanks in the form of additional supplies to continue their art.

His Majesty reminded all that this will be the last gathering as a Kingdom before the advent of War. He expressed His wish that all assemble upon those fields, not only to demonstrate the dominance of the forces of Æthelmearc in defense of our fields, but the legendary hospitality and kindness of the Sylvan

Lands, as they become the hosts of the Known World.

There being no further business, Court was closed.

Faithfully Submitted,

Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres (OL)

Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald

Wolgemut to Perform at Pennsic



Wolgemut will be at Pennsic! For one night only!

Wolgemut in Concert – A Pennsic Celebration, Wednesday, August 10th at 9 p.m. in the Great Hall.
Join the one and only international minstrels troupe for a return to Pennsic musical celebration.

Special guest musicians and dancers, bombastic pipes and drums, gentle tunes and songs, spectacular dancing, merrymaking and much, much more!

See the Facebook page here.

Populace in Focus – THL Gunnlaud Leifsson

Real Name: Sean Nguyen

SCA Name & title: THL Gunnlaud Leifsson

Years in the SCA: 8 Years

How did you find out about the SCA? In Middle School, by my teacher who was in the SCA who hosted the school’s annual History Faire. As a 7th Grader I created my own chainmail for my medieval “Garb”, and that was when He recommended me the SCA.

Where did you start, what was your first event? February 2014, Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid (San Diego, CA). First event was a Sunday Fighter Practice where I was able to suit up and fight.

What is your persona? 14th Century Timurid Empire “Gurkaniyan-u-Turan” (Medieval Uzbekistan). A Islamic Mongol Successor State founded by Emir Timur Gurkani “Tamerlane”, 6 generations after Genghis Khan.

Why did you pick this persona? Originally my persona was Kievan Rus, but many times people kept commenting how they love my “Samurai / Mongolian Armor”. So out of humor & spite I doubled down to go for a Mongolian persona, “Going full Mongol!” I would say. Over time I settled with the Timurid Empire for its rich & unique history.

Do you have any group or household affiliations? Corvus Warband; from the Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside the SCA: Outside the SCA I like hiking, nature walking, & running. And like many young folks I play video games, watch anime, and paint miniatures.

What SCA activities do you or have you participated in? Heavy Fighting first & foremost, and recently getting invested into Rapier fighting and Archery.

Tell us a little bit about your SCA experience (jobs, offices, duties, etc.): I have been and currently am the Deputy social media Officer for the Barony of Calafia (San Diego, CA) and the Shire of Coppertree (Rome, NY) respectively. I would run and manage the Group Instagram accounts, taking pictures and videos of events and posting them online.

When you started in the SCA what goals did you have? My starting, and still current goal is to achieve Knighthood in the Order of Chivalry.

What are your goals now? To promote the SCA to the younger generation, and to inspire them to join our community and family.

What was the most intimidating thing you encountered in the SCA? Particularly in Heavy Fighting, the most intimidating thing is controlling your emotions, your Ego. Always be humble when you know you have lossed and never express hubris whenever you win. When we all don the Helmet and enter the field; there is always a greater opponent to fight and there is something new to learn.

After the unexpected shutdown ends, what is one thing you would like to accomplish in the SCA? With the shutdown nearly uplifted, I have returned to traveling and fighting again. It has been back-to-back events across New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maine.

What advice would you give to a new person in the SCA, or if new yourself what question would you ask and who would you ask it of?

“Do not ever think that you are not good enough: You’re fighting was not good enough in the battles, your garb or armor is not of good quality, you are not contributing enough to your group or the SCA at large; and never be afraid to seek assistance. Your presence in attending and your commitment in improving yourself in any capacity at any pace is all that matters. We are reminded of ourselves when we first began, and we would be more than honored to assist you in any way we can.

If you magically woke up with an SCA talent you do not already have, what would it be? Blacksmithing or calligraphy.

If you had to join the SCA in another “era” (1970, 1980, etc.), what “era” would you pick and why? I would say the 1960’s, from A.S. 1-10. It would be interesting to see the origins of the SCA in person and to see its growth.

Don’t be modest, what award or honor would you like to receive above all else and why? The award I seek to achieve is Knighthood into the Order of Chivalry. For many Fighters we walk the Warrior’s Path: the years of training & learning, and the hundreds of opponents we fight in battle. The White Belt of a Knight is not only the symbol of the martial prowess, knowledge, and wisdom that a Fighter has achieved, but it also represents the duty that a Fighter has in aiding and teaching other Fighters along their own journey on the Warrior’s Path.

If you could pick one thing you would like to see more of in the SCA, what would it be? It is always great to see more young individuals joining the SCA, attending events, and volunteering or running positions.

Interested in participating in Populace in Focus? Find out how below:

Participate now – find out how!

Mark Your Calendars! AEthelmearc Pennsic Happenings!


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Pennsic is just around the corner! What’s going on in, for and by our Kingdom? Read on for info about The Kingdom Encampment, Volunteer Opportunities, Royal Courts, Vigils and Elevations, Kingdom Activities, Populace War Points, and more! (Disclaimer: All info gathered from reputable sources, but may be incomplete, and/or subject to change.)

All About Royal

Æthelmearc Royal (“Royal” or “AE Royal” as it’s commonly called) is the heart of our Kingdom’s Activities. Located in block N04, next to First Aid Point, it features:

  • A Hospitality Tent and Table with greeters, schedules, retainer & guard signups, and a message board detailing happenings of the day and changes in schedule. You can even leave messages for Royalty, Their staff, and officers!
  • There’s also a large populace pavilion at the front where anyone can stop in and rest, with  breezes from fans, cold water, and charging ports (limited availability).
  • An inner courtyard area with a meeting tent, firepit, open space, and more (must be on the schedule to use).
  • AE Scribal tents with classes of all kinds! Check the class list and message board!
  • A private area in the back where our beloved Royals live (must be invited).

Volunteers Needed for the Kingdom!

Æthelmearc Royal is an incredible resource, but it’s big and robust! Something of that grand caliber doesn’t spring forth from the field like Athena! Many volunteers are needed for both set up and tear down. It takes a while, but it can seem like a breeze if there’s lots of people to help. Consider spending a couple hours:

  • Set up is Sunday, 7/31, starting at 10am (will go into the afternoon)
  • Tear down is Friday, 8/12, starting at 10am (will go into the afternoon)

Volunteers are also needed to staff the Hospitality table. Some might call it the cushiest volunteer opportunity at Pennsic. A nice seat in the shade and breeze, with plenty of water, opportunity to charge your phone, and lots of smiling faces! Plus, you’re in the know!

You can also sign up to volunteer a little of your time to retain or guard for Their Majesties or Highnesses. There will be sign-ups at Hospitality, or better yet, contact Their staffs ahead of time! (Sign up for the King & Queen, Sign up for the Prince & Princess). You’ll see so many sides of our War you may not see otherwise!

Of special note: The Herald’s Office and Signet will have a backlog scroll binder at hospitality – look at it for your backlog scrolls and your friends, too! Leave a message for the Heralds & Scribes to let them know how to get that beautiful new scroll to you!

Let’s Celebrate! Kingdom Celebrations!

Come participate in Opening Ceremonies! Sing and march and show the Knowne World who we are! We have the BEST seats in the house, as the home Kingdom! Muster 11am middle Saturday at AE Royal (bring water, shade, and your Kingdom and Baronial colors!). We’ll march out together in time for the ceremonies to begin by the Castle at noon.

The Æthelmearc Kingdom Party, one of the most anticipated gatherings of the War, organized by THL Sumayya al Ghaziyya, with food by Lady Sorcha MacKenzie… This years theme is Carnival! We will have delicious foods, libations, games, favors from our potters, fire performers, and a special musical guest (yeah, it’s totally that one)! Monday 8/8, 8pm, AE Royal.

Let Us Entertain You! And Fight You!

Our amazing populace is talented, indeed! Check out these amusements, put on by our people, for the enjoyment of all!

  • Wed Peace Week (8/3) come all bards for the Haakon Oaktall Anniversary Bardic Circle in AE Royal
  • For the Scribes, Monday 8/8 from 2 to 6pm, join the Æthelmearc Scribal Tea to meet and greet your fellow scribes! In Scribal Tent 1 in AE Royal
  • Seneschals, come for the AE Seneschal Happy Hour (No Business Allowed) 5pm Mon 8/8 in AE Royal (big tent)
  • Mon War Week (8/8) 7:30pm – the Debatable Choir performs at the Performing Arts tent
  • Mon War Week (8/8) 9pm – I Genesii (THE GREATEST COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE TROUPE IN THE KNOWNE WORLD) performs at the Performing Arts tent, as they search for their missing Vecchi. We won’t reprint the entire announcement here, but it does involve the word “sploosh”!

Enjoy participating in, or spectating these special sporting events, put on by our people:

  • Rapier Novice Tournament – super fun! Rapier novices (less than 5 years fencing, no Kingdom fencing awards, no tourney wins) will NOT want to miss this! A perennial favorite organized by our own Master Po Silvertop the Rogue – so MANY PRIZES! Wed 8/10 at 10am, Rapier field.
  • Need more fencing? Our Kingdom hosts the Ladies’ Rapier Tourney from 10 to noon on Monday 8/10 (inclusive of all non-male genders)
  • Oh yes, yes it is! The Return of Helga Ball! Sun 8/7, 6-9pm. Let’s just say it involves some folks in aprons viciously defending their territory with a cabbage. It’s amazing! No experience necessary. No equipment needed besides an apron (cabbages provided). Ladies team sport, 18+ only.
  • Youth combatants pay heed! Tarl’s Youth Polearm Tournament is Monday (8/8) from 7 to 9pm on the field.
  • But wait, there’s more! Wed 8/10 from 6 to 8pm, adult and youth fighters team up for the Æthelmearc Tag Team Tournament. It’s not one to miss, and a favorite of our youth fighters!

Vigils and Courts and Elevations, OH MY!

The largest Æthelmearc Royal Court at Pennsic is Tuesday of War Week (8/9) at 6pm in the AE Royal Encampment (CHANGE of venue!!).

There will be multiple additional Courts throughout the War. Here they are presented copy-and-pastable, and organized by the known Æthelmearc Vigils and Elevations (other awards will be happening at these times, too!):

THL Renata le Rouge: Vigil Sat 8/6, 6pm, Debatable Lands N10 (Fletchers). Elevation to Laurel at additional Kingdom Court Sun 8/7, 6pm AE Royal at Debatable Lands Party (Baronial Court at 4:30). [Note: Morien McBain & Michael of Northwood will be sent to vigil from this Kingdom Court.]

THL Ottlige Rappoltsweiler: Vigil Mon 8/8, 4pm, Hunters Home encampment on Mt Eislinn. Elevation to Laurel at main Kingdom Court Tues 8/9, 6pm AE Royal

Master Morien MacBain: Vigil at Sun 8/7, 6:30pm, Lusty Wench camp E17. Induction to Laurel at additional Kingdom Court Monday 8/8 6pm (before Kingdom party) at AE Royal.

Sir Michael of Northwood: Vigil Sun 8/7 evening, at Kynges Bridge camp. Induction to Pelican at main Kingdom Court Tues 8/9, 6pm AE Royal

Mistress Caroline of Burgundy: Vigil Wed 8/10, 11am (after Novice Tourney), Rapier Field. Induction to Master of Defense at additional Kingdom Court Wed 8/10 ~4pm Rapier Field [Note: Vigil is in combination with vigils of THL Guillaume and Countess Kathryn, lately of the Mid]

THL Guillaume le Noir: Vigil Wed 8/10, 11am (after Novice Tourney), Rapier Field. Elevation to Chivalry at additional Kingdom Court Thurs 8/11 ~1pm (after the Bridge Battles) Heavy Field [Note: Vigil is in combination with vigils of Mistress Caroline and Countess Kathryn, lately of the Mid]

Order Meetings and Booze

The Æthelmearc Brewers’ Guild Bar is open for Order Meetings! And also various events in and about AE Royal throughout War Week. Huzzah!

Laurel Meeting, AE Royal, Sat 8/6 at 10am
Pelican Meeting, AE Royal, Sat 8/6 at 5pm
Gage Meeting, AE Battlefield Pavilion, Wed 8/10, 2pm
Chivalry Meeting, AE Battlefield Pavilion, Wed 8/10, 3pm

YOU Can Help Us Win!

In addition to joining your comrades-at-arms on the heavy and fencing fields of honor (see schedule for details), in the many field War Point opportunities, you can score some points in non-field activities as well!

  • A&S Populace War Point – Take or teach classes, most of War! Teaching a class gets you 5 points (5 points total no matter how many classes you teach), attending a class earns one point per class attended. Make sure to add your tally mark at the end of your class! Read more!
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons Populace War Points – throughout War Week! Check the Pennsic Martial Schedule for details.
  • Service War Point – it definitely exists, but remains mysterious at this time. All we know is that there is a Google document to record your service hours to the War.

Of General Interest

Pennsic War will be following Æthelmearc’s Covid Policies. You cannot get into the War without proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 72 hours from a medical facility. You’ll need to mask up at troll and other areas (but not most). Read the FAQs here.

The A&S War Champs War Point will be held Wed 8/10, from about 10am to 5pm in the Great Hall – cheer on our team!

Would you like to help the War itself? You can volunteer for the War! Just go up to your area of interest and volunteer. [Hint: Children’s Point is greatly needing some folks!). Read a bit more about the options here.

Families take note! The Known World Children’s Fete (Ages 4+) returns on Wed 8/10 from 10am to 1pm (registration begins at 9am) in the Great Hall! Arts, crafts, games, entertainment, snacks, and more! Read more here.

At 4pm, Wed 8/10, there will be a Known World Equestrian Meeting in AE Royal

The Memorial Ship Ceremony will be Thurs 8/11 from 1p to 6pm. Visit White Wolf & Phoenix merchant booth for details. It will feature in particular for Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy. He was a long time icon of the Pennsic War, the East Kingdom, and friend to many here in our Kingdom.

Feel the need to run? The Unofficial Half Marathon starts at 7am middle Saturday, meet at First Aid Point (right by AE Royal!)

Want to know more about Pennsic happenings? Check out the full schedule here. Other resources (including a printable handout, event guide, and university booklet) HERE.


New Portable Showers on Block E06 at Pennsic



This news just in from the official Pennsic War Facebook page:

Ok folks here is the post some of you have been waiting for the rental shower trailer is up on E06 here are some pics. Works good some of the sign painting crew used it last night just to test it out the biggest thing they pointed out was the lack of outlets for hair dryers and the like.

The shower trailer has 8 stalls.

More info, including photos, is available on the Pennsic War Facebook page.

E06 is located between Brewer’s and the High Road south of the Low Road. See the yellow highlighted area in the map below.

Paladin’s Pantry Returns to Pennsic


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Paladin’s Pantry Rides Again!

Dear Gentles, have you ever found yourself with more to pack at the end of Pennsic than you did when you set out from home, only to find that your vehicle seems to have shrunk? Is your kitchen area full of boxes of cereal, pasta, jars of peanut butter, and jugs of bottled water you can’t remember buying?

Never fear! The annual Paladin’s Pantry Food Drive is here to help by conveying your camp’s extra food and drink to a local food bank. Just drop any unopened foodstuffs or beverages (no alcohol, please) at one of our handy collection points:

  • AEthelmearc Royal (N04) Next to Pennsic University
  • Atlantia Royal (N40) Near the Gothic Abbey
  • Northshield Royal (E02) Across from Solar Showers
  • Trimaris Royal (W17) Runestone and Great Middle Highway
  • BMDL Baronial (N10) Central Serengeti
  • Barony of Bhakail (N11) Corner of Brewer’s and Fletcher
  • Barony of Blackstone Mountain (E04)
  • House Sable Maul (N29) Count Jehan’s Bounty
  • Nine Dragons (N01) Next to Great Hall
  • Venshavn (E24) Across from Wulfden’s Back Door
  • Clan Blue Feather (E12) Slope of Horde Hill
  • House Akeru Thunder (E17) Hill Road
  • The Lusty Wench Tavern (E17) Across from Chalk Man Pub
  • The Chalk Man Pub (E17) Hill Road and Good Intentions
  • House Finisterre (B09) Far West Side
  • Offices of the Pennsic Independent –Top of Runestone Hill
  • House Iron Lance (W13) Bottom of Runestone Hill
  • and Maison Rive (Merchant Space 23) Across from Cooper’s Store–this location open for Final Sunday Collections!

Last Pennsic, we collected TWELVE pickup truck loads of high-quality food, drink and other supplies for local shelters. In addition, this year the program will be collecting used tents, sleeping bags, cots, and rain gear, (especially those in child sizes), which will serve no one in a dumpster, to benefit the homeless.

So exercise your charity, lighten your load, and help members of the community that has made us so welcome over the years!

Please direct any questions to Morien MacBain (Lusty Wench Tavern, E17) 304-283-5640. Want to help out more? Join us on Facebook!

In addition, while Paladin’s Pantry doesn’t accept ANY cash donations, Portersville Food Pantry (to whom we deliver the food) does! They are a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and lovely people. They have Paypal, Venmo, and snailmail donation options, if you’d like to help them financially!

Paladin’s Pantry– We put the LARGE in Largesse!

Demystifying Singles Camping at Pennsic



The following missive was posted on social media by Lady Mordona Mayfel, and is reproduced here (with minor formatting edits) with permission: 

Greetings everyone! I’m Lady Mordona Mayfel, Assistant deputy mayor of Zoning and Planning “Land Office”. I wanted to stop in and give a quick introduction who I am and what’s going on for Independent “singles” camping this year. I will be your singles camping liaison again this year.

First, what is singles camping? Well its campable land set aside and reserved for any patron of Pennsic who doesn’t have a private camp for a home. It can be anyone, from new to veteran campers alike. If you come, we’ll have space for you.

Now that isn’t anything new, but here’s something that is. We’ll have staff and volunteers during daylight hours of operation to assist singles campers in finding a plot of land that best suits their needs for Pennsic. Want to be close to fighting and not need to hike all your heavy gear? What to be close to the Pennsic night life and parties? Need something quiet and kid friendly? We’ll find something that works for you.

How does one use this service? Well all you need to do is poke your friendly volunteers at Troll or Watch and they’ll radio for us and we’ll be there in a few minutes if we aren’t already there. During the week, it’ll just be myself, but on the high traffic weekends, we’ll have some volunteers to also assist in the daylight hours.

If you have any questions regarding singles camping, please send me an email at land2@pennsicwar.org

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy your war this year!

Pennsic Guides and Merchant List


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The Pennsic Guides are now available on the Pennsic website home page here. Scroll down to see them. Note that the University Booklet and Event Guide will not be distributed in printed form at Pennsic this year, only the Hand Out, which has QR codes linking to the other two guides as well as additional resources.

In addition, a list of the merchants who will be at Pennsic is listed below. Note that this does not include food vendors.

Pennsic 49 Merchants List:

A Case Of Random
A Leather Crafter
A’s Round Pottery
ArmStreet LLC
Artful Badger Designs
Ash And Griffin Pottery
Auntie Arwen’s Spices
Aurora’s Creations
BadAss Garb
Barb’s Garb
Black Mountain Clothiers
Blades By Violent Discord
Blue Unicorn
Boots By Bohemond
Brandr Forge
Briar Patch Garb
Brothers Cross Trading Company
Calontir Trim
Camelot Treasures
Caravan Crossroads
Carolina Calicoes
Cat Man Do Designs
Catskill Mountain Moccasins
Circle Works
Claybaby Pottery
Crafty Celts
Dancing Pig Pots
DeRosas Leatherworks
Designs By J
Drachenstein Treasures
Dragonscale Jewelry
Dru Shoemaker / Trouvere Music Works
Earth And Loom
Egill’s Woodstuffs
Elk Ridge Archery
Fearghal Blades
Feed The Ravens
Fiona’s Fineries
Fire Horse Pottery
Gaukler Medieval Wares
Gode Erthe Pottes
Green Mountain Leathercraft
Grey Goose Bows
Greybarr Traditional Archery, LLC
Griffins Gate Clothing
Gryphon Furniture
Guild Mirandola
Gwen Erin Natural Fibers
Hero’s Haven
Historical Glassworks
Hrymgnar’s New + Used Booty
Ian’s Grove
Icefalcon Armory
Iron Cross Tailor
Irontree Works, Inc
Just Plain Plunder
Kemmer Woodworks
Kentucky Leather And Hide
Kings Ransom
Knights Of The Classroom, LLC
Knives Of The North
Kraken Apothecary LLC
Laurel Cavanaugh, Goldsmith
LeEllen Expressions
Littlehammers Forge
Livonia Smithery
Macklemore’s Thrift Store By Merchant’s Wares
Magrebi Imports
Maison Rive Historic Clothing And Supplies
Malik’s Bazaar
Mediaeval Miscellanea
Mid East Magic /Possibly Period
Minerva’s Spindle
Minnow Creek Ceramics LLC
Miriam’s Yarns And Fibers
Misc Etc
Moongate Designs
Moonstich Leather & Silver
Munitions Grade Arms
Neverland Designs
New Mythology Press (formerly Aesc & Thorn Publishing)
Nightshade Leather
Nordic Trader
North Star Armoury
Orion’s Belt Shop
Palmyra Traders
Past Tyme Perfumerie
Peacock’s Nest Studio
Pine Box Traders
Please Touch Pottery
Prismatic Scales
Rabenwald Metalsmything
Red Falcon
Red Headed Wench
Reliquary Arcanum
Renaissance Arts & Design
Revival Leather Goods/ Adkins Historic Reproductions
Roanoke’s Attic Goods
Rock Top Bookshop And Bindery Aka The Haunted Bookshop
Royal Blue Traders
Sarasvati’s Call
Serpents Eye
Sharp Pointy Things
Sigrid And Magnus Leather Emporium
Silver Dragon Company
Silvertree Souq
Skapa Leather, LLC
Skjaldborg Artisans
Son Of Sandlar
Starlit Studio
Sultry Treasures By Debra
T L Barnes Enterprises
T.F. Woodcraft
Tea And Comfort
The Bee Folks
The Bored Housewife
The Celtic Cauldron
The Crown And Chalice
The Horny Viking LLC
The Magic Mirror
The Pennsic Independent
The Phoenix Nest
The Practical Goose
The Practical Viking
The Shadowed Stranger
The Silk Road Traders
The Tatterdemalion
The Treasury
Thorny Rose
Thorthor’s Hammer
TLC Leathercraft
Tomas The Lapidary’s Jewelry
Touch The Earth
Traders of Tamerlane
UnderWares: Historical Garments
Unicorns Garden
Ursula’s Alcove
Viking Archery Supply
Wanderlust Import Trading Company
White Wolf And The Phoenix
Windrose Armoury
Wire You Waiting
Zen Warrior Armory

Court Report: Pax Interruptus, July 9, 2022

Documented from the Rolls and Files of the Coram Regibus of Thomas Byron II Rex and Ariella II Regina, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: Being a True Record of the Business of Their Royal Court at Pax Interruptus, 9 July, Anno Societatis LVII, in the Barony of Thescorre. As recorded by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, Meistr-y-gân, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, assisted by Drotinn jǫrundr hinn rotinn, Silver Buccle Herald, with the additional assistance of Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir, Silent Herald, The Honorable Lady Sophie Davenport, and Baron Ixac ben Simone.

In the morning, Their Majesties requested that Baroness Bronwyn nic Gregor, Seneschal of the Barony of Thescorre, and members of the election committee, come forward to certify the results of the election.

Her Excellency being unavailable, Lady Nicole du Marais attested to the legitimacy of the Barony’s will.

Their Majesties therefore inquired of Baron Eldjarn the Thoughtful and Baroness Dubheasa inghean Dubgaill whether they were prepared to retire, and whether they had any remaining business to attend before so doing. When Their Excellencies replied in the affirmative, Their Majesties gave them leave to open their final court.

Upon that court’s conclusion, Their Majesties recalled Their Excellencies, thanked them for their service, and received back from them the Baronial coronets, and released them to their leisure among the populace. Their Majesties then called for Mistress Nuzha bint Saleem and Lord Andriú mac Domhnaill, as their duly elected successors, to present themselves and swear fealty to the Crown. Thereafter, Their Majesties placed the coronets upon their heads, and further Granted Baron Andriú Arms. Thus was the (temporarily hereditary) line of Thescorre secured.

At this time, Court was suspended.

In the evening, Their Majesties allowed Their Youth Champion, Hjotr Sigvardsson, to run the toybox, and encouraged the youth of the kingdom to pursue him…and pursue him…and pursue him….

Their Majesties invited forth all those attending their first event and presented them with cups as gestures of welcome. (So abundant were the newcomers that a resupply of cups was required, thanks to the timely and swift assistance of His Excellency, Baron Brandubh!)

Her Majesty requested that The Honorable Lady Cristina inghean Ghriogar come forward to thank Her Ladyship for the pouch she had gifted to Her Majesty earlier in the day. Her Majesty also noted that Her Ladyship had many, many examples of such fine workmanship, so much so that others had taken goodly note and found it worthy of further recommendation. Thus, Their Majesties requested to be attended by Their Most Noble Order of the Laurel and entreated that Her Ladyship set a time and place at which to sit vigil and contemplate whether she would accept elevation into that company. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Sophie Davenport.

Their Majesties gave leave to The Honorable Lord Angus the Bull, as Event Steward, to thank his staff. Before releasing His Lordship, Their Majesties also recognized his ongoing efforts to support his Barony and the Kingdom and named him a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Vedis Aradottir.

Their Majesties gave leave to Baron Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, Archery Champion, to recognize the skill of Cricket Karasson in the day’s shooting and invite him to bear the Bow of State for the remainder of Court.

Their Majesties then invited Baron Andriú and Baroness Nuzha to hold their first Baronial Court.

Following the close of Baronial Court, Their Majesties requested one to come forward as the representative for Lady Dehka the Dancer. Baroness Dubheasa inghean Dubgaill answered this call.

Understanding that Lady Dehka will be unable to attend Their Court for some time to come, Their Majesties wished to convey to her Their appreciation of her skills, including dance, pottery, and gameplay, in token of which, they named her a Companion of the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds.

Their Majesties then sought Lady Gwen Cooke. Their Majesties took good note of Lady Gwen’s dedication to her Barony, her tireless service, and her efforts to keep the Barony an industrious jewel in the crown of the Kingdom. Recognizing that such service is deserving of more than idle praise, Their Majesties were moved to name her a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia.

Noting the workmanship of the scroll, Their Majesties desired that Lady Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia present herself before Them. Their Majesties also recalled that this lady had done many, many works of service that day, including serving her Baron and Baroness, as well as providing the luncheon served in the Royal pavilion. Further, Their Majesties observed that this lady had performed similar service on many other occasions as well, and more besides, and for these acts They were minded creating her a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Nikolai Vasiliev.

Their Majesties wished once more to be attended by Lady Nicole du Marais. To this lady, they imparted Their knowledge both first-hand and by good report, that she contributes materially in many ways to the arts within the Kingdom. Her talent for capturing memories and providing the visual record of Æthelmearc’s events and its subjects; her gifts as a scribe; and her skill at creating garb, were all worthy of recognition, and thus They were pleased to name her a Companion of the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by Dame Zofia Kowalewska upon wording by Mistress Beatrice de Winter.

Their Majesties next greatly desired to see Her Royal Highness, Princess Ceirech na Hinnsi, for a closer audience. They noted that Her Highness is a lethal warrior in her own right, having for some time been a driving force in siege combat. Their Majesties also conveyed the esteem and respect of others who had taken notice of Her Highness’ dedication to siege warfare, her skill upon the field, and her inspiration and leadership among her siege crew. Thus, they also invited His Royal Highness Arnthor, as the representative of Their Noble Order of the Scarlet Battery, to welcome Her Highness into that Order, and granted her Arms. Scroll by Ren Xing upon wording by “Some guy in a hat” (AKA Master Po Silvertop).

Before Their Highnesses could get too resettled, Their Majesties also sought Lord Chebe to join Them in Court. Their Majesties shared Their knowledge of the ways in which Lord Chebe promotes siege combat not only within his Barony, but throughout the Kingdom, as Their deputy marshal for siege. Noting his enthusiasm for engineering, his service to the Kingdom, and the prowess he brings to the battlefield, they were also moved to induct him as a Companion of the Noble Order of the Scarlet Battery, as well as Granting him Arms. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.


Their Majesties then requested that Baron Andriú mac Domhnaill approach once more. They desired to speak with His Excellency about the ephemeral nature of food as one’s art, and of the curious effect that despite this, the memory of a highly enjoyable morsel may linger far beyond the product itself. Noting that His Excellency’s gastronomic creations are the stuff of which such memories are formed, Their Majesties invited Their Noble Order of the Fleur D’Æthelmearc to join them and welcome His Excellency Andriú as their newest Companion. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds.


Their Majesties then had further need of Baroness Nuzha bint Saleem. Her Excellency presented herself and asked what further service she might offer. Their Majesties replied that Her Excellency’s service was indeed the subject of Their discourse with her, for indeed it can be said that her entire life has been spent in the service of the Society, even from her childhood when she might be found in kitchens, to her years of continued devotion to her Barony, to her current commitment to guide that Barony in the very seat previously occupied by her parents. Their Majesties declared Themselves not alone in this assessment, and thus called for Their Most Noble Order of the Pelican to draw nigh. In addition to Her Excellency’s new responsibilities, Their Majesties did command her to appoint a place and time at which she might give answer whether she would consent to induction into that good company. Scroll, in the form of a book, calligraphed by Mistress Abigail Kelhoge upon parchment of her own making, with words by Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf.

Her Majesty addressed the populace to name as her inspiration, Sarah, who had not only returned to the Society after many years’ absence, but had brought along several others, including her children, all of whom had participated in the day’s activities with enthusiasm and interest.

Their Majesties invited forward the scribes who had contributed to the day’s scrolls, for replenishment of supplies. Lady Kara Ivarsdottir also presented Moss, child of Sarah, with a traveling scribal kit to further encourage their newfound art.

His Majesty warned of the rumblings of coming war. Word has reached the Kingdom that foreign powers are soon to converge upon the fields of Pennsic, and all are needed to defend the Sylvan Lands against this impending threat. His Majesty entreated all to come with swords, bows, axes, with siege engines, and even scribal kits, to prove to the Known World that the forces of Æthelmearc are not to be engaged lightly.

There being no further business, Court was closed.

Faithfully Submitted,

Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres (OL)

Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald