TRMs Seeking Newcomer Mugs & Toy Box Items



Greetings wonderful populace of this glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc!

I am Lady Vika Vyborgskaia, reign coordinator for our King Arnthor and Queen Ceirech. I want to say hello and introduce myself.

I also want to let you know that Their Majesties would like to continue the tradition of handing out mugs to all newcomers. However, the number of mugs is running low,

In addition, They will continue the tradition of the children’s toy box, but the supply for that is also low for their many upcoming events. If you can donate any mugs or toy box items, please reach out to me so I can arrange the delivery of your donation.

Yours in service, Lady Vika Vyborgskaia

Fall Æthelmearc Æcademy and War College

Æthelmearc Æcademy and War College is coming!  We have some wonderful classes already registered for both the in-person and the virtual classes, but we have room for LOTS MORE!

Register your class and join us in a 2-day learning event on November 12th and 13th!

Teacher registration form can be found here

Event information can be found here.

The Ministry of the List



“Be honorable yourself if you wish to associate with honorable people.” ~Proverb

Sitting in the front row of every scored Tournament for Heavy Weapons, Fencing, or Equestrian activities is a person with a clipboard making sure that the rules are followed, the scoring is honest, and that everyone that came to fight that day gets onto the field. These are your Ministers of the List, typically referred to as the MOL.

The MOL is a warranted position, like a Marshal, so membership in SCA, Inc. is required to act as an MOL. There is no membership requirement to be in the training (MOLlet) program, but you would need a membership to become warranted. Warrants expire concurrently with your membership, so you would update your warrant information with the Kingdom MOL when you renewed your membership.

The value of having a dedicated group of people to do this is manifold:

Before an event, the Marshal in Charge works with the MOL to review the kind of tournament that they wish to run. The MOL can also assist in planning out a tournament by offering suggestions for format, including alternate plans that can be deployed if the number of anticipated fighters changes.

During the planning phase of the event is also when it is most helpful to the MOL to know just how many people they will need the day of the event so that everyone may arrive prepared and ready to go for the tournament(s) that day.

The day of a tournament, it frees up the Marshals to conduct inspections and run the tournament. It also ensures that the business of reviewing authorization credentials and providing authorization paperwork is conducted enough before the tournament so that the fighters can then focus on their pre-game activities.

What does an MOL do?

Before the tournament, the MOL may work with the Marshal in Charge (MIC) to determine the best format for the estimated number of fighters, if the MIC isn’t sure what kind of format they would like to run. The general preference is for the MOL to be engaged before the event is bid as a regular part of the event staff. Often, though, MOLs will be contacted after the event is bid and the MIC will have an idea of what kind of tournament they would like to run. You would then work with them to see what they are able to provide for you – usually a table, cover of some variety, and a chair – and what time they would like the tournament(s) to happen.

The day of the event, the MOL checks in fighters by viewing/confirming their authorization is current and to score the tournament. Tournament is used very broadly here, it can be anything from a simple bear pit to a double-elimination tournament. It doesn’t have to be Crown to be a tournament.

During the tournament, the primary job of an MOL is to keep score and help keep things moving. The MOL will then provide a list of winners based on what criteria has been determined for winning. The MIC is usually the one that announces the winners in court.

MOL is a job that requires focus and fairness. It’s the MOL’s job to make sure that the score is correct and the correct person is announced as winner. It just takes time to understand how to score a variety of formats. The focus of training is to make sure that you are comfortable with the scoring.

How do I become an MOL?

First, contact your local MOL or the Kingdom MOL to arrange a couple of visits to a table at a tournament. This will give you a better idea of what is involved and what you can expect. If you see that being an MOL is as awesome as it sounds, then you would arrange to become a MOLlet and work with a mentor to learn how to sign fighters in, check authorizations, and score the main tournament formats:

● Round Robin
● Bear Pit
● Single-Elimination
● Double-Elimination

This is done using on-the-job training and, if needed, a mock tournament can be held to run infrequently-used formats like double-elimination. There are also some online resources that you can use to learn/refresh your memory on how to run a variety of tournaments.

If you aren’t sure if this is something that you’d enjoy doing, please contact the Kingdom MOL, Odriana (, and she will help you find a table to join so you can see what being an MOL looks like in action and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Courtesy of Meesteres Odriana

Crown Tourney List Published!



Silver Buccle Herald announces the Crown Tournament list for Their Highnesses. This Crown Tournament, held in Endless Hills on October 8th, will determine who will be Royalty at Pennsic 50!

Greetings Æthelmearc,

Please join us at the Crown Tournament to determine the Heirs of Arnthor and Ceirech on October 8 in the Barony of the Endless Hills.

The individuals fighting for the right to sit the Sylvan thrones are:

– Duke Christopher Rawlyns for Duchess Morgen of Rye
– Duke Gareth Kincaid for Duchess Juliana Delamere
– Duke Thomas Byron of Haverford and Duchess Ariella of Thornbury each for the other
– Countess Elena D’Artois for Baroness Mahin Banu Tabrizi
– Count Andreas Morgan for Countess Kallista Morganova
– Baron William de Montegilt for Mistress Irene von Schmetterling
– Sir Maghnus de Cnoc an Iora for Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful
– Sir Murdoch Bayne for Mistress Rioghnach ni Rose
– Maighster Kieran MacRae for Mistress Ekaterina Volkova
– Sir Beatrix Krieger and Sir Thorsol Solinauga each for the other
– Sir Dominic McMorland for Lady Eleanor McMorland
– Sir Oliver Sutton for Lady Grainne Shionnach
– Sir Lotharius qui et Segimundus for Lady Birna Hakadottir
– THLord Gwydeon ap Arden for Lady Myskia nattfari
– Posadnik Zvonimir Zavodchikov for Posadnitsa Zaritsa Zavodchikovna
– THLord Angus the Bull for Lady Agnes Von Zweibrücken
– THLord Rhys of Myles Ende for THLady Astridr Vigaskegg
– THLord Corbinus DeCuvis for Lady Marguerite DeNeufshasteau
– THLord Abdullah al-Rashid for Lady Genevieve O’Connor
– THLord Tiberious Hostilous Mallous for Lady Ascilia Attebroke
– THLord Bjarki Rikarðarson for Mistress Gabrielle de Winter
– Barun Jakob Krahe for Shaykha Jân al-Tha’lab
– Lord Gregory Hillson for Dame Kateryna Ty Isaf
– Lord Ulfkell Dungallson for THLady Æsa Helgulfsdottir
– Lord Davin ap Einion for Lady Nycaise D’Ozier la taileresse
– Lord Patrokles Athenaios for Fox Feirlein

In Service,
Silver Buccle Herald

Message from TRH Arnthor and Ceirech’s Reign Coordinator


Greetings wonderful populace of this glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

I am Lady Vika Vyborgskaia, Reign Coordinator for our current Prince Arnthor and Princess Ceirech. Coronation is approaching and I want to say hello and introduce myself.

I also want to let you know that Their Highnesses would like to continue the tradition of handing out mugs to all newcomers, however the number of mugs is running low, and they will continue the children’s toy box, but the supply is also low for their many upcoming events. If you can donate any mugs or toy box items please reach out to me so I can arrange the delivery of your donation.

Yours in service,

Lady Vika Vyborgskaia


Armor Tips From Christian Goldenlok


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Baron Christian Goldenlok originally posted this to his social media on 9/14/22. Reproduced here by his kind permission. 

Over the last few days I cleaned my shop thoroughly. I worked on four separate shields. And I spent over two hours polishing my armor. Upkeep and armor maintenance is important to me. What better way to respect the maker of the armor than to attempt to take care of it?

A few tips:

Painting the insides of your helmet/armor is a great idea, but make sure you use a self-etching primer first, then hit it with spray paint. Brushing paint on is cheaper and probably better.

Down in my neck of the woods, we have come to swear by Fluid Film, which is Lanolin based and not too much more expensive. (10 bucks a can). A little dab’l do ya! Don’t spray it all over, then transfer it all to your rag a second later.

Humidity sucks. Your armor in a bag will last about as long as you would in a bag. Take it out and put it somewhere. An armor stand doesn’t have to be a multi-hinged contraption. I can build you one. I say this as my chain shirt is draped in a pile over my Viking gear.

Wipe your equipment down. Scrub your chain with a beach towel you don’t want. Get all that grease and grime off, then apply your oil. Don’t oil grime.

Chain is in its best maintained state when you wear it and fight in it.

Your armor is a perishable item, and maintenance provides longevity for that armor. you can protect it by an outer garment. In the 14th-15th century, they had giant jupons that were puffy to protect the armor from elements and arrows, alike. A giant shirt, a tabard, goes a long way to preserving your protection. I often thought about fighting in a 6x shirt for fun.

Finally, not every rendition of your armor needs to be sacred. Consider selling for cheap or lending your old armor to newbies, because the sport of armored combat (for those that actually wear armor) is not a cheap endeavor to explore. The best way to take care of your old armor rotting in the corner is to get it on another body.

Maple: The Sylvian War Horse of Æthelmearc

In the glorious year of A.S. 47 during the reign of their Royal Majesties Andreas and Kallista, Maple, a Belgian mare, made her first appearance during the Kingdom Equestrian Championships in the Barony of the Endless Hills.

With thundering hooves and fierce demeaner she carried her warrior boldly through the challenging course, and a few minutes later during the same event, Maple was carrying another warrior with gentleness safely through the obstacle. This impressed the court and left them astounded. This massive 2000 lb war horse, strong as she could be, also demonstrated that she is also just a gentle giant who is here to protect and serve our glorious Kingdom and Mounted Warriors. That day Maple started her journey within the SCA.

Photo credit to Michelle Bauer

Over the recent years, Maple established a solid place in her Barony of the Debatable Lands. She has served her glorious kingdom of Æthelmearc by processing many Royals and Highnesses into Court over the past 10 years. She paraded proudly during the SCA 50 Year Anniversary and carried TRM Byron through the procession. His lovely wife was riding Maple’s friend Daisy, another war horse Maple shares her pastures with.

During the Middle Kingdom’s 50-year anniversary, the procession was cancelled due to weather, but Maple was present and stood happily for some Royal pictures. Of course, Maple did not miss the opportunity to participate in Æthelmearc’s 20-year anniversary celebrations and provide transportation for TRM into court.

Maple loves attention and enjoys making humans smile. She agreed to pose with the pasture sister Daisy for pictures during Debatable lands 12th night celebration in the winter of 2019. This picture opportunity was well appreciated and attended by all.

Marching in processions, parades and posing for photo opportunities is not what makes Maple a war horse. Her athletic skills during the equestrian games and in the jousting list is what earned her the title of Sylvan Horse of Æthelmearc. During the equestrian championship Maple carried four different riders through the challenge course and came out victorious. At the end of that day, King Byron called Maple into his court and bestowed her with the title “Sylvan Horse of Æthelmearc.”

Earlier this year, Maple aided His Highness Byron to claim his throne during spring coronation.

Since then, Maple has carried many riders to their victories in the baronial championship in her homeland. Since 2017 all the Barony of the Debatable Lands champions rode this wonderful strong and majestic war horse Maple. This fact earned Maple an Iron Comet during the Iris Festival earlier this year, from the Debatable Lands.  Additionally, Maple has been mentoring and training new SCA equestrians, and was available for rider’s authorizations in games, mounted archery, and jousting. In fact, Maple was used to authorize over 20 riders, 7 mounted archers and 16 jousters between 2016 and 2019.

Today, Maple is over 25 years old, and enjoys her life with her equine friends on the farm in Gibsonia PA. She enjoys her trail rides and eating fresh grass and clover. She always appreciates additional treats like apples and carrots. Occasionally, she is making guest appearances at community events, and is always looking forward making others smile. After so many years in service, Maple is started a new adventure this summer. Since Pennsic, Maple has started training experienced archers, who are brave enough to join the Kingdom’s Cavalry, in the skill of mounted archery. We will be looking forward to the fruits of her new adventures!

Queen’s Rapier Champion Tourney Format


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Announcement from the current Queen’s Rapier Champion, Lord Robert MacEwin:

The Queen’s Rapier Championship is little more than two weeks away! Here are all the details:

: October 1st, 2022
Location: Archers to the Wald
Time: Procession will begin lining up at 10:50, start at 11:00.

Tournament will begin immediately following.


Round 1 – Participants will be evenly distributed into four Round-Robin lists. The top two fencers from each list will move on to round 2. Ties will be resolved as necessary with additional fights.

Round 2 – The 8 fencers that have advanced from the first round will fight a double elimination tournament until 2 remain. After that, all deaths will be cleared and those two will move on to the finals. All fights in Round 2 will be best-of-3.

Finals – Best-of-five, rotating forms. The finalist from the winners’ list will choose the first form. Following that, the loser of each bout will choose the form for the next bout.


Round 1 – double kills will be refought once. Further double kills will be scored as a loss for both fighters.

Round 2 – double kills will be refought until there’s a clear victor. However, if you double kill more than once, we will start taking things from each fencer (secondaries, arms, etc.)

Finals – double kills will be refought until there is a clear victor.


Cut and Thrust – Any pair of fencers that wishes to fight C&T is welcome to do so. When you sign in, please let the MoL know that you wish to fight C&T, and we’ll try to pool you with other C&T fighters.

Spear – Since spear is still new, we’ll allow it, but require opponent’s consent. In any fight within the tournament, if you’re authorized and your opponent is cool with it, you’re welcome to fight spear. If you are not interested in fighting against spear, that is totally fine! Due to limited list space, spears must be no more than 6 feet long.

Event: Harvest Raid/Fall Coronation is September 24


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Listen and know that the Shire of Heronter is well pleased to host the Coronation of Their Sylvan Highnesses, Arnthor & Ceirech, and thank Their Majesties, Byron & Ariella, for Their service and for bringing joy to our Sylvan Kingdom.

Coronation will be held September 24, 2022 at Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center, 5013 Route 430, Bemus Point, NY 14712. The site will open at 9:00 am and close one hour after evening court. There are no any overnight accommodations.

The Event Steward for the day is Comtesse Margerite de la Marche (she/her). She may be reached at Jennifer Bastian-Stendahl, 44 Harris Ave Jamestown, NY 14701 716-338-8184 (before 9:00 pm).

Head Cook Master Ian Kennoven (he/him) will provide a served buffet lunch. There will be no evening feast. Send menu questions to

SCA Covid protocols as of the event date will be enforced. Please be prepared to show your vaccination record or proof of negative Covid test upon arrival, per AE Covid protocols. This is not negotiable and courtesy towards the individuals checking is expected.

We are pleased to host the Kingdom Heavy Weapons Champion’s Tournament.


  • 9:00 am – Tollner opens
  • 10:30 am – Morning Court

After Morning Court:

  • Lunch
  • Sitting in State
  • Heavy Weapons Inspections begin

One hour after Morning Court:

  • Heavy Weapons Championship

One hour after Heavy Weapons Tourney:

  • Evening Court

All attendees must be off site one hour after Evening Court.

Merchants are encouraged to bring a tent as all merchanting occurs outside.

Changing rooms will be available.

Event Fees:

  • Adult Event Registration = $17
  • Adult Member Discount Event Registration = $12
  • Children 0-17 = free
  • There is no family cap as minors are free.

Register Online Log on to your SCA account (or create a guest account), select “Events” from the top menu to find the AEthelmearc Coronation registration link.

Register by Mail

For each attendee:

  • Legal Name
  • SCA Name
  • Contact info: Email address, phone, and/or street address.

Make checks payable to SCA, NY, Inc., Shire of Heronter and mail all registration info to:

Karen Ehrlich (she/her)
5294 Webster Road
Fredonia, NY 14063
ehrlich AT fairpoint DOT net

Registrations must arrive by Wednesday, September 21.

See the Facebook event page here for more information.

Court Report: A Shoote in the Wylderwood

Documented from the Rolls and Files of the Coram Regibus of Thomas Byron II Rex and Ariella II Regina, King, and Queen of Æthelmearc: Being a True Record of the Business of Their Royal Court at A Shoote in the Wylderwood, 3 September, Anno Societatis LVII, in the Barony of Delftwood. As recorded by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, Meistr-y-gân, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, with the assistance of Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir, Silent Herald, Drotinn jǫrundr hinn rotinn, Silver Buccle Herald, and Lady Kaðlin Sigvaldakona.

In the morning, Their Majesties summoned The Honorable Lady Cristina inghean Ghriogair and asked whether she was still inclined to sit vigil in contemplation of elevation into the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Upon receiving her assent, they did entrust her to the care of that Order and instructed her to return at day’s end with her decision.

Their Majesties next brought Baroness Nuzhah bint Saleem before Them to confirm her desire to hold vigil that others might advise her on induction to the Most Noble Order of the Pelican. It being her wish to do so, Their Majesties instructed that Order to take Her Excellency into their keeping and asked that Her Excellency give answer later this same day.

Their Majesties then invited forward representatives of the Incipient Canton of Dunloch. Their Majesties confirmed that all the requisite steps had been taken to designate the Canton as official. Lord William Fitzwilliam so attested, and Their Majesties allowed him to thank and acknowledge those who assisted in the process. Their Majesties echoed these thanks and congratulated the Seneschal, Lady Ana Sirena del ValBuena, on the Canton’s establishment.

There being no further business at that time, Court was suspended.

In the evening, Their Majesties invited forward the youth in attendance, and entreated Sylvia to let the other children collect toys from her. Their Majesties then called for newcomers and presented a drinking vessel to the one newcomer who came forth.

At this time, Their Majesties gave Their Excellencies Delftwood, Baron Ixac and Baroness Amalie, leave to hold their Baronial Court.

Upon the conclusion of Baronial Court, Their Majesties called for Thorir to present himself. In recognition of his service to the fighting community, his helpfulness, and his sartorial presentation, They Awarded him Arms. Scroll by Mistress Isolda Filia Georgii.

Their Majesties then summoned Hrolf Heggeson. Having heard good reports of his service to the Canton of Dunloch, including the procuring of sites and other acts, they were moved to Award him Arms. Scroll by Lady Magdalena Txoperena.

Their Majesties next sought Geoffrey Argyll, who was not in attendance. Therefore, Their Majesties welcome Lord William Fitzwilliam of the Canton of Dunloch to accept upon his behalf, and Awarded Arms to Geoffrey in absentia, for his accomplishments within the fencing community. Scroll by “The Honorable Fool” Dagonell the Juggler.

Their Majesties wished to be attended by Jennie of Delftwood, who was also unable to be present. Their Excellencies Delftwood gratefully accepted upon her behalf, an Award of Arms, in recognition of her contributions to the archives by means of her photography. Scroll by Freiherrin Helena Mützhazenin.

Their Majesties were also disappointed that Laria Tofana was not present to attend Them currently. They therefore welcomed Baron Andriú mac Domhnaill of Thescorre to accept for her and carry to her at a future time Their words and an Award of Arms, in recognition of her skills as a musician and bardic champion. Scroll by Lady Vedis Aradottir.

Next, Their Majesties were well pleased that Wolfgang von Wylderwood was present to answer when They desired his attendance. For his proficiency in the fields of archery and thrown weapons, including service as champion, and for his labors to prepare sites for the Wylderwood event as well as in years past, they were minded to award him Arms. Scroll by “The Honorable Fool” Dagonell the Juggler.

Following this, Their Majesties requested the presence of Don Michael Gladwyne. Seeing that he was somewhat perplexed as to the nature of Their business with him, Her Majesty explained that it was for his contributions to the arts that he was called forward this day. Mindful of his skills in stone carving, leatherwork, clothing, and other arts, they were pleased to induct him as a Companion of the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by Lady Ania Mhóireach.

Their Majesties next sought Lord Conchobar na Feasoige, but finding that he was not in attendance, they were pleased to entrust Their Excellencies Delftwood with Their words, as well as the medallion of a Companion of the Order of the Golden Alce, as it was Their wish to induct him for his skills as a fighter and contributions to the marshallate. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds.

Their Majesties then desired to speak with Noble Tiarna Cainnech obrion na nÉireannach. Making good note of their service in ethereal spaces, as well as their contributions to the fencing community and service as champion, Their Majesties saw fit to name them a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Posadnitsa Zaritsa Zavodchikovna and Posadnik Zvonimir Zavodchikov.

Their Majesties next required the presence of Lady Megge Gormshuileach, to speak with her about the variety of offices, duties, responsibilities, and acts of service she has performed over many years. In recognition of her service as Baronial Herald, “stunt” signet, newsletter contributor, and efforts to organize and contribute largesse, they were pleased to induct her into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Baron Brother Bobby.

After this, Their Majesties once again welcomed Their Excellencies Delftwood to accept on behalf of Lady Ilaria Rosati, their words welcoming her into the Order of the Keystone, in recognition of her service as Arts and Sciences minister, as well as her work administering the online Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, and her contributions to largesse. Scroll forthcoming.

At this time, Their Majesties called for Lady Ania Mhóireach to attend Them. Finding her service and skills to be varied and worthy of praise, including teaching, chronicling, music, largesse, leatherworking, and fencing, they were pleased to add her to the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Gwen Cooke.

Next, Their Majesties sought Master Benedict Fergus Atte Meade among the populace. They noted that there were many also present who had delivered numerous reports of His Excellency’s considerable skill in leathercraft, including work in multiple materials and creating varied projects from coronets to footwear. As an outward sign of His Excellency’s impressive talents, Their Majesties invited Their Noble Order of the Fleur D’Æthelmearc to join Them, and named him a Companion of the same, and bestow upon him a medallion from Freiherrin Helena Mützhazenin. Scroll by Baroness Amalie Reinhardt.

Not coincidentally, Their Majesties desired also to be attended by Her Excellency, Baroness Amalie Reinhardt. Expressing admiration for the skill evident in her many micrographic scrolls, and (slightly more grudging?) amusement at the clever wordplay they frequently contain, Their Majesties were pleased to welcome her into the Noble Order of the Fleur D’Æthelmearc, and to place upon her a medallion made by her own hand. Scroll by Mistress Abigail Kelhoge.

At this time, Their Majesties were pleased to note that Morgan O’Brien had arrived and called her before the throne. Long had this lady engaged in the art of dancing as well as sewing and costuming, and lest her contributions go another day without recognition, Their Majesties were minded making her at last a member of the nobility, Awarding her Arms. Scroll by Posadnitsa Zaritsa Zavodchikovna and Posadnik Zvonimir Zavodchikov.

Following this, Her Excellency, Baroness Amalie Reinhardt, was able to procure the image of Lady Catalina Carpintero via ethereal connection and inform her that she had been summoned by Their Majesties. Understanding that she has been unable to attend events in person, Their Majesties nevertheless, wished to recognize her buoyant presence and the energy, enthusiasm, and good humor she brings to the Barony of Delftwood. Thus, Their Majesties were pleased to induct her into the Order of the Howling Wolf. (Predictably clever and pun-riddled!) Scroll by Baroness Amalie Reinhardt.

Their Majesties next requested the attendance of Mistress Elska á Fjarfelli. They made note of her extensive service to the Kingdom, including contributing to the Brewers’ Guild, service to the Arts and Sciences community as a kingdom minister, and service to the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn. To mark the value of this continued service, Their Majesties called for Their Noble Order of the Millrind and added her to their number as one of their Companions. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Gesa von Wellenstein.

Their Majesties wished that the accomplishments of Lady Máirin Ó Nialláin in the field of archery might be appreciated by all, and thus, understanding that she was not present, they decreed it proper to Grant her Arms and name her a Companion of the Scarlet Guard in absentia. Scroll by Sir Arden Scot.

Following this, Their Majesties desired that The Honorable Lady Cristina inghean Ghriogair should return to the Royal Presence and give answer whether she would accept elevation into the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. It being Her Ladyship’s wish to continue, they called the members of that Order present to join Them and heard words of testimony from assembled Peers. Countess Caryl Olesdottir, speaking as a Royal Peer, declared that the first word that came to mind when considering Her Ladyship was kindness. However, Her Excellency cautioned against mistaking that kindness for weakness, for it requires a strong person to balance a partner with a strong personality, and Her Ladyship possesses just this sort of quiet strength, as well as hospitality of spirit that is just as equal in strength as her artistic talent. Master Po Silvertop, representing the Defenders of Æthelmearc, expressed his initial confusion that Her Ladyship would honor him with this task, but that she assured him that her request was motivated by the joy with which he conducts himself. He said that he found similar joy in her approach to her activities in the Society. He also considered that like the Masters of Defense, she spends a great deal of time stabbing, working on point control, and reading manuals (often in foreign languages) about stabbing, yet the results of her stabbing look far better than the results of his. On behalf of the Order of the Pelican, Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf imparted that all art is, at its basic level, also service. Whether it is in the beautification of items to feed our eyes, or in the creation of delicious food and drink to feed our stomachs, Her Ladyship’s labors are also service, and since the wise man said, “Look for the helpers,” one need not look far to find Her Ladyship Cristina: in the teaching of classes; in assistance as minister of lists; in working on events and list fields; in encouraging others. As a member of the Chivalry,

Master John the Pell also spoke of Cristina’s service. He recalled how their travels usually result in Cristina replenishing her stores of classroom supplies so that, when she teaches classes, she can provide complete kits for the projects her students will work on. Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa read words from Mistress Luceta di Cosimo of the Noble Order of the Laurel, who discussed how exhaustive Cristina’s research is, in that it requires her to investigate cultures that have been intentionally erased, and have been reinvented, for centuries. She is not intimidated by language barriers, or lack of easy access to information, but has made an art of digging for details, and has brought the beauty and magic of Rus culture to life, through determination, fearlessness, and being unafraid to “waste time,” using her tenacity to make art. Finding Themselves satisfied with these endorsements, they invested Her Ladyship with the regalia of Peerage, including the medallion of the Order and a beaded headdress, and bestowed upon her Arms by Letters Patent, naming her a Mistress of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel, whereupon they received her oath of service. Scroll by Master Jon Blaecstan with wording by Mistress Luceta di Cosimo.

Their Majesties then welcomed Her Excellency, Baroness Nuzhah bint Saleem, before the Court, and inquired whether she had reached a decision to continue with induction into the Most Noble Order of the Pelican. Hearing her affirmation, they did call that Order forward and gave leave to the assembled Peers to attest to Her Excellency’s worthiness for this accolade. Again, Countess Caryl Olesdottir spoke, representing the Ladies of the Rose. Her Excellency recounted an anecdote from years ago, when still at an early age, Her Excellency was able to disarm Earl Yngvar with “sweetness, kindness, and a little sass,” and that throughout her life and career in the Society, Her Excellency has displayed similar levels of wit, tact, and self-assurance, always encouraging others to be included, respected, and elevated.

On behalf of the Chivalry, Sir Tigernach mac Cathall examined the Knightly virtues of Courtesy, Prowess, Courage, and Generosity of spirit, finding Her Excellency to uphold all of these in her grace, poise, and kindness, even in the face of dismissive or discourteous behavior; in her skills in the kitchen; in the ways she has faced and overcome adversity; and in the way her spirit embodies the principles instilled in her by her parents, particularly Baron Saleem, from whom she inherited an attitude that assures, “I can fix that.”

Master Artemis Andreas Magnus, as a representative of the Laurel, also invoked Her Excellency’s parents’ legacy, noting that her entire life has been spent teaching, organizing events, running feasts, and displaying the values of love and service that her family shares, and that she is one of the most consciously inclusive and welcoming faces of our Kingdom.

Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, speaking as a Jewel of Æthelmearc, spoke of the values demonstrated by Jewels, including courtesy, service, skill, and chivalry. Her Excellency then shared a tale of entrusting Her Excellency, then still a teenager, with running a kitchen for the last University of the Western East Kingdom at Thescorre (UWEKAT) and recalling that Her Excellency responded with a feast fit for the Principality. In an act of “turnabout,” Her Excellency Ekaterina also asked all who have been affected in positive ways by Her Excellency Nuzhah to indicate their benefaction and begged Her Excellency to witness “what she has done.” Finally, the words of Master Devin Adair Bartholomy, Master of the Pelican and third Baron of Thescorre, were brought before the Court by Lady Elzbieta Traidenyte, saying that Her Excellency had been active in the Society longer than Baron Devin himself, in so many different rôles that it would take too long to list. Her heart, he wrote, beats with the spirit of service, and she weaves an ethereal magic that unites us members even when plague keeps us physically apart. His Excellency declared that hers was a lifetime of love being made visible through service. Being more than satisfied with these words of approbation,

Their Majesties were pleased to place upon her the medallion of the Order of the Pelican. Then Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf placed upon her daughter’s shoulders the Pelican cloak that had been Baron Saleem’s, with additional embellishment, and Their Majesties gratefully received Her Excellency’s renewed oath of service, whereupon They were pleased to convey Her Excellency into the embrace of the Most Noble Order of the Pelican. Scroll by Master Christofano Vecchione upon text by Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf.

Her Majesty wished to be attended by Lord Dalibor Vilcekovsyn, to thank him for his execution of the “BOAR” thrown weapons tournament. To express Her esteem, and in the hope that it might help him to remember Her Majesty’s name, Queen Ariella further gifted him with Her token and named him Her inspiration for the day.

Their Majesties invited forward all scribes who had contributed to the Court (or their representatives), and allowed them to select additional supplies, in thanks for their generous artwork.

There being no further business, Their Majesties’ Court was closed.

Faithfully Submitted,

Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres (OL)

Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald