Crown tournament List of Combatants

Greetings Æthelmearc,

We welcome all to attend and observe the Crown Tournament of King Maynard and Queen Liadain to be held on August 21 in the Shire of Misty Highlands.Thank you to all the combatants who are fighting for the honor of the Kingdom as we look to safely resume more normal activities.


Here is the list of combatants:

Duke Timothy of Arindale for Duchess Gabrielle van Nijenrode

Duke Gareth Kincaid for Duchess Juliana Delamere

Earl Yngvar the Dismal for Countess Caryl Olesdattir

Comtesse Elena d’Artois for Don Cyrus Augur

Earl Thomas Byron of Haverford and Countess Ariella of Thornbury for each other

Landgraf Drusilus von Oberbessenbach for Dame Caroline of Burgundy

Sir Maghnus de Cnoc an Iora for Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful

Lord Gregory Hillson for Dame Kateryna Ty Isaf

Sir Arnthor inn Sterki for Lady Ceirech Na Hinsi

Hersir Marek Viacheldrago for Baroness Sybilla Julianna Detwyller

Maighster Kieran MacRae for Mistress Constance Glyn Dwr

Sir Beatrix Krieger and Sir Thorsol Solinauga for each other

Syr Hagar the Blushing for Baroness Anna Eisenkopf

Sir Finn O’Shannon for THLady Shirin al-Sussiyya

THLord Lothar Hugelmann for THLady Sumayya al Ghaziyya

THLord Garreth Whytebull for Baroness Aine ny Allane

Baron Jakob Krahe for Baroness Jân al – Tha’lab

Lord Siegfrid Corloys for Edyth Ferriess

Lord Davin ap Einion for Lady Nycaise D’Ozier la taileresse

Lord Patrokles Athenaios for Fox Fierlein

In Service,


Silver Buccle Herald

Letters of Intent for August Crown Due TOMORROW, July 21



Greetings from Maynard and Liadain,

The deadline for sending in a letter of intent to fight in our crown tournament is tomorrow, Wednesday July 21st. Please be sure to get your letters in or fill out the online form before the end of the day tomorrow.

Thank you!

Pelican Writ for Baroness Amalie Reinhardt



Report of the Ætherial Court of Their Majesties Maynard and Liadain held during ÆLive on the 16th day of July anno societatis 56.

Their Majesties called Baroness Amalie Reinhardt to attend Them and delivered unto her a Writ of Summons to contemplate Elevation to the Order of the Pelican for her outstanding work in the Webministry. Scroll by Baron Pádraig Ó Branduibh text by Master Alaxandair Ó Conchobhair.

Court Closed


Known World Arts & Sciences Display will be Virtual


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Greetings from the Pennsic Known World A&S Display deputy! That’s right – WE’RE BACK. Thanks to the innovation of the eSCA, this year’s display will be fully virtual!

  • August 1 to 8: Website space is available to post photos/videos and documentation of all entries for public viewing.
  • August 8: Interested entrants can schedule Zoom “office hours” to discuss their work with the populace.

If you are interested in displaying this year, please register using this form.

For more information, or to view the entries, please visit our website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the KWAS staff.

Yours in Service,

Lady Adele Lochlane, Display Coordinator

Magistra Beatriz Aluares de la Oya, Deputy Coordinator

Lady Glenna Cholmondeley’s sprang from a past Pennsic A&S display.

Crown Tourney Event Registration Website Now Open


, ,


Thank you for your patience as we have been working to pilot the new SCARS Online Registration System and we are incredibly pleased to announce that Online Registration is NOW OPEN!

You can register by visiting
Step-by-step instructions on how to register are attached to this announcement!

If you encounter any issues registering, or have additional questions regarding SCARS, please contact the Kingdom SCARS Deputy, Owen Taeg at or myself at

Have a wonderful weekend and welcome back!!

-Rhys Penbras as Dafydd, Kingdom Exchequer

Populace in Focus Yuengerz the Oblivious

Me and Ducky McDuckface Clovenshield’s unofficial travel mascot

Real Name: Mark Yingling

SCA Name & title: Yuengerz the Oblivious. Siege Master of House Clovenshield. Crafter of the Chronicle, Creator of Kitchens, Captain of the Cortege, Transcriber of Legends, Exalted Nudge, Mook 3rd Class.

Years in the SCA: 13

How did you find out about the SCA?  I was trying to captain a Scenario Paintball team, but 2 of my team mates kept ditching various big games for some crazy events where they got to hit people with sticks. They tried to get me into it, once, by putting me in ill-fitting armor and using me as a human pell… It didn’t take, as you can imagine.

Where did you start, what was your first event? Where my *ehem* friends failed, my future wife succeeded. She convinced me to go with her to Pennsic 37. It seems that big brown eyes and a come-hither look work much better than being beaten by 2 goons with sticks. As it happens, she was friends with one of my aforementioned buddy’s wife and they were all camping with Clovenshield. So, hello mercenary life.

I had to get armored up and authorized pretty quick, which I did. I didn’t have any garb when I showed up at troll. My future wife had purchased a tunic for me. I wore the crap out of it.

Now I curse my friends for not being better salesmen and getting me involved sooner.

What is your persona? I am an early 8th century Frankish mercenary aiding the Carolingians in consolidating their power in Francia.

Why did you pick this persona? Everybody goes Viking, and, come on, Charles the Hammer! That’s a warlord to fight for. Plus, when you have no experience and slightly less money, you don’t really pick a kit to match your persona, you pick a persona to match the armor you manage to piece together. It seemed to fit and “Why stop now?”

Never a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Do you have any group or household affiliations? I am a minion of House Clovenshield. We are the premiere mercenary household of the known world. Clovenshield has over 2 centuries of combined bushwhacking experience. Experts in hit-and-run, ambush, dry-gulching, fast attack, deviousness, underhandedness, deception, and general mayhem. We bring an essential element of lethal maneuver firepower to any army.

Clovenshield is an equal opportunity mercenary group; we discriminate solely on the basis of bribe tendered. Harness the forces of CHAOS (or at least point them away from yourself). Available for wars, border raids, incursions, revolts, and special projects throughout the known world.

Reasonable rates, Satisfaction guaranteed.

* End Sales pitch*

Tell us a little bit about your life outside the SCA.  I am a married father of two. I grew up as a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy geek, which translates well into the SCA, for obvious reasons. I also played soccer from 5th grade through college and a bit beyond, which also translates well to the SCA. I love being a part of something bigger than myself. You get that on a sports team and you also get that when you are in a fighting household; or just surrounded by hundreds of people with similar interests.

I am also the owner of a dozen rental properties around PGH. So, I am an actual Landlord…None of my tenants call me “My Lord”, though. I should probably put that in the lease.

Me and the ballista crew

What SCA activities do you or have you participated in?  Heavy fighting. Combat Archery, Siege. As a landlord, I have realized how easy it is to teach myself simple household repairs. Plastering, painting, replacing toilets, fixing stoves, installing a fence…. This realization has given me the confidence to tackle some of the many crafts in the SCA I once thought were beyond me. Leather carving, book binding, pewter casting, brewing mead, making my own armor…

Tell us a little bit about your SCA experience (jobs, offices, duties, etc.) Picture the 2015 Pittsburgh St Patrick’s Day Parade. I’m watching it with my family dahntahn and I see a group of Jedi go marching down the street. Shortly thereafter I see a motley gang of drunken Pirates. I think to myself, “Pirates? Jedi? Why not Vikings and Knights? Why isn’t the SCA represented in this parade?” So, I asked in the BMDL FB page. I sent a couple of emails to the local Barony officers.

St Patrick’s Day Parade 2019

In my household we have a rule (or more of a guideline), “Your idea, you’re in charge”.  Well, it seems that others have this rule as well, because several emails later and I am the new Parade Autocrat for the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands. We’ve done 3 St Patrick’s Day Parades, 2 Memorial Day Parades and 1 Thanksgiving Parade. We even took Runner Up for Best Non-Commercial Float in the 2019 Pittsburgh St Patrick’s Day Parade. It is an incredible rush to be standing on Grant Street, in front of the Pittsburgh City County building, fighting in full armor, to the cheers of hundreds of parade spectators.

When you started in the SCA what goals did you have?  I just wanted to have a fun time with my friends. Little did I know that I would pick up a slew of new skills and become part of a family.

What are your goals now?  To become a better singles fighter. I’ve pretty much been focused on melee fighting.

Damascus and Yuengerz

What was the most intimidating thing you encountered in the SCA?  Standing across the battlefield from fighters that have been doing this for years and expecting to hold my own against them. But you’ll never get better if you don’t face that fear.

After the unexpected shutdown ends, what is one thing you would like to accomplish in the SCA? I just want to get back to having good times and hitting some of the best people in the world with sticks.

What advice would you give to a new person in the SCA: The SCA is an incredible hobby to have. There are so many different aspects to it and there is so much to learn. And the people in it are very willing to teach what they know. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

If you magically woke up with an SCA talent you do not already have, what would it be?  Developing talents on your own is a lot of the fun, but if I had to choose one it would be playing the Bagpipes. The way it can simultaneously entertain and annoy people.

If you had to join the SCA in another “era” (1970, 1980, etc.), what “era” would you pick and why?  I really have no answer to this as I don’t know the differences. But what I can say is that I wish I would have discovered it earlier.

Daimler von Benz was the envy of every lord having the only personal standard bearer at the Combat of the Thirty

Don’t be modest, what award or honor would you like to receive above all else and why?  My first event was Pennsic 37 in ’08. I had a blast and was hooked. I even dragged some of the guys to events they hadn’t been to before, just to get more of the adventure. I was looking forward to my first Blackstone Raids that Spring. Come the first week of April ’09 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease Stage 1B. My doctor set me up for a summerlong course of chemotherapy. I pushed off my second treatment so I could go to Blackstone. I had a great time. I also become a sort of Bludgeon of Shame. “Ying has cancer and he’s still fighting! What’s your excuse!” By the time War Practice rolled around, the chemo was taking its toll. I think I got through 2 battles before I collapsed.

My last dose of chemo was the Friday before War Week, Pennsic 38. And yes, I started every battle that week and even finished a couple. The Woods Battle that year is a story unto itself. The household christened me “Cancer Boy” and I was awarded the Clovenshield Congressional Medal of Bacon.  I’d like to think I got it for showing dedication to the game and the Household, but the word “Idiot” was used in the dedication ceremony.  I don’t really remember… chemo haze. Either way, that little badge means more to me than any other award I might ever earn in the SCA.

St Patrick’s Day Parade 2017 in stolen armor

Why am I a mercenary? Simply put, my friends were there when they got me hooked. Our Merc house was founded by two mooks that were best friends who suddenly found themselves living in different kingdoms. In order to fight together, one of them had to be disloyal to their crown. Instead of dealing with that sticky situation, they decided, “Hey, why be loyal to any crown” and thus, House Clovenshield was created. There is a certain enjoyment of being outside of the normal fealty structure of the SCA, but still being a part of it. There are people that have started as mercs and made the switch to kingsman, and some that have started as kingsman and made the jump to merc. We’re all here to have fun.

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Authorizations Cards In The Mail



Good Afternoon Æthelmearc!

Reauthorization forms are coming in fast and furious. I put about 20 cards in the mail this morning, so some you should be getting them in the mail late this week or early next week.

If you have any questions in regards to your authorization card, please feel free to reach out.

In Service I Remain,

THL Deirdre, Kingdom Authorization Clerk

Populace in Focus THL Marrin O’Kealy

Real Name: Maureen Payne, nee Benfer 

SCA Name & title: THL Mairin O’Cadhla registered name THL Marrin O’Kealy 

Years in the SCA: 16 glorious years 

How did you find out about the SCA?  In 2004, during my junior year in college. There was a fighting focused demo, where I met a few Scadians in the late spring semester. Which was neat, although the fighting arts were not my forte. Consequently, I was intrigued about this group and wanted to learn more.  Another demo about a month later, the local shire had an encampment in a park on the edge of a festival. At this demo, the full accompaniment of the gentle arts were on display. This time, I was better able to ask questions and see all that the SCA had to offer. For the next 16 years, it has been an inquisitive pursuit of knowledge with an insatiable appetite for learning ever since that demo. 

Where did you start, what was your first event?  My first event was Summers End in the Canton of Beau Fleuve. This was also my first kingdom level event. 

What is your persona?  My persona is a 16th century Irish woman living in Tudor England. She emigrated after the English invaded Ireland, to learn more about this strange land across the Irish sea in 1529. Marrin made her living as a needleworker doing embroidering and making accessories for the millinery arts. In addition, she has knowledge of spinning and weaving from her native land. Marrin’s social status is a middling craftswoman who is a childless widow. She makes dolls for her community’s children and is never lonely with many wee visitors. Marrin is also constantly occupied by her cats, her garden, and prospering needlework career.  

Why did you pick this persona? I wanted to explore my maternal ancestry through experimental archaeology. Marrin dresses in more of an English middling style with nuanced touches of Irish, in pattern or decoration. Touches of knots or clovers are there amongst the Tudor roses. I also have English and Welsh ancestry so this seemed a sensible way to discover them too. Each does have notable differences in language, geography, culture, and dress. Haven’t gotten bored of the Isles even after 16 years of varied research.  

Do you have any group or household affiliations? I am from the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais, a member of the Haus WeisserLowe. Apprenticed to Her Grace Mistress Illish O’Donovan. 

Tell us a little bit about your life outside the SCA.  I work in the insurance industry, after the pandemic a permanent position working from home. While I love working from home, I have the best furry office coworkers.  It’s a high stress demanding role that possesses challenges that I enjoy pursuing. Besides keeping up with any SCA related creations, I write a blog called Tudorosities that has been on the internet for 10 years, updated bimonthly. In addition, I also create videos for my YouTube channel bimonthly.  My channel topics range from vintage sewing notions, vintage sewing machines, sewing pattern book reviews, fashion doll making, fiber arts, Tudor clothing, and much more!  

What SCA activities do you or have you participated in?  I tend to be a wallflower at events, so come and say “Hi” if you see me. I attend A&S related events mostly, I have been known to enter Ice Dragon or teach a class occasionally. You can also find me at demos or events with my local shire. 

Tell us a little bit about your SCA experience (jobs, offices, duties, etc.) I was the local Chancellor Minor in my shire for 7 years. Other than that it’s random helping at events here and there. 

When you started in the SCA what goals did you have?  To learn all the needle arts, which is still ongoing but I am far better at hand sewing and clothes making than when I started in society.  One scadian pursuit led to another, I also spin, weave and create clothing out of my created cloth in addition to decorating and making accessories.  

What are your goals now? To turn my years of research into a book, on the History of Medieval Fashion Dolls through the 18th century. 

What was the most intimidating thing you encountered in the SCA? Having one’s research and requisite A&S project judged. It’s not easy to let other people look at something you worked on for a long while to critique it.  Although I find that this is much improved with other formats that now exist in the A&S community. It’s much more enjoyable to share my art and discuss it with others. 

After the unexpected shutdown ends, what is one thing you would like to accomplish in the SCA? To show my latest creation; Dorothy a ½ scale (36”) Millinery Mannequin/Doll in the flesh so to speak. Pictures might be worth a thousand words but some things you just have to see in person and Dorothy is one of those people. 

What advice would you give to a new person in the SCA, or if new yourself what question would you ask and who would you ask it of?  Pace yourself, this is a marathon not a sprint. You do not need all the things all at once, take your time to craft your persona first and you get the things over time. Get one good outfit under your belt the rest will fall together eventually.  

If you magically woke up with an SCA talent you do not already have, what would it be? I don’t really have an answer to this question, certain there is a skill or talent I am not thinking of at the moment. The one that comes to mind is not SCA specific, an eidetic memory would be useful.  

If you had to join the SCA in another “era” (1970, 1980, etc.), what “era” would you pick and why? I would have liked to have joined in the mid 90’s when Aethelmearc was just forming into a Kingdom from a Principality of the East. Change is scary at first but it’s also good because the possibilities are endless when there isn’t any set precedent. Would have been exciting times in a new kingdom. 

Don’t be modest, what award or honor would you like to receive above all else and why? Service to the kingdom in its many forms has been something I deeply admire. It’s where one gives of their time, talents and treasures. Although fortunes have not leant me to steady employment and reliable transportation to pursue this in a serious manner. A Court Barony may not seem humble from the outside. Although when I see someone wearing a circlet of pearls, I know they are one of the helpers. After all, we are to keep an eye out for the helpers in tough times. It would be a great honor to be counted amongst them.    

If you could pick one thing you would like to see more of in the SCA, what would it be? Kindness exists in good abundance in the SCA but I am talking more for a mankind type of scope. I think if we were more thoughtful, understanding and empathetic to our fellow humans and the world at large. Circumstances for all would be vastly improved. 

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Court Report: Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney II


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The Report of the Ætherial Court of Their Sylvan Majesties Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, Held for the Second Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney on June 26 anno societatis 56, Brandubh O’Donnghaile, Jewel Herald.

(Slide deck of scrolls:

Their Majesties opened the court and welcomed and thanked all for joining the court. They spoke of how much they were looking forward to the return of in person events, and reminded all present that the Final Edition of ÆLive would air on July 16th, and that the first live event would be the Saint Swithin’s Day event on July 10, followed by Crown Tournament in Misty Highlands on August 21.

The Kingdom Ministers of Arts and Sciences, Master Hrolfr and Mistress Elska A Fjarfelli were invited into Their Majesties’ Court to speak about the Virtual Queen’s Prize Tournament. They spoke that it had been such a joy to coordinate this online Arts and Sciences Faire to allow the artisans of Æthelmearc a venue to share their works and works in progress. They thanked Master Robert Ferness, the Arts and Sciences webminister, and Lady Magdalena Txoperena, Zoom Coordinator, for all of their support in making the tournament happen

They Encouraged everyone to visit the Æthelmearc Arts and Sciences website where all of the entries and documents are hosted. They thanked the entrants: Baron Caleb Reynolds, THLady Renata Rouge, THLady Cristina inghean Griogair, THLord Sasson de Sancta Victoria, THLady Beatrice de Winter, THLady Sophie Davenport, Forveleth Dunde, Lord Cassiano da Castello, Lord Claude Duvivier, and Lady Iladria Rosati for their hard work in preparing the projects. Masters Hrolfr and Elska then thanked all of the panelist judges for taking to to review all the entries and provide live feedback to all the entrants: Mistress Abigail Kelhoge, Mistress Alicia Langland, Mistress Chrestienne de Waterdene, Baron Edward Harbinger, THLady Eleanore Godwin, Mistress Elisabeth Johanna von Flossenburg, Mistress Elska a Fjarfelli, THLady Fede di Fiore, Master FRidirkr Tomasson, THLady Glenna Cholmondeley, Master Hrolfr a Fjarfelli, Baroness Juliana Rosalia Dolce Di SIena, Mistress Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina, Master Madoc Arundel, Lady Meadbh ni Clerigh, Lady Magdalena Txoperena, THLady Maggie Rue, Baron Padraig O’Branduibh, Mistress Phiala O’Caellaigh, Master Robert of Ferness, Mistress Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh, Master Silvester Buchardt, Mistress Sthurrim Caithnes.

Their Majesties then summoned Baron Caleb Reynolds to Their Court and along with Ministers of Arts and Sciences, presented him with the prize for best documentation for his entry of Aqua Alexiteria: A Cure for the Plague. Scroll in progress based upon a text by her Majesty Liadain.

Her Majesty called forth THLady Sophie Davenport and presented her as the Queen’s Choice for her project of a Byzantine Binding Model Book. Scroll in progress based upon a text by her Majesty Liadain.

His Majesty called upon THLady Cristina inghean Ghriogair, and presented her with the King’s Token for her entry of an Embroidered Book Covers.

Their Majesties took a moment to mention the work of Forveleth Dunde who is a newcomer to the society and whose entry of a tablet woven bag strap was her first project ever to be submitted to a competition.

Kalen Karuson, known as Cricket, was called into Their Majesties’ court. Their Majesties expounded upon his skill in archery and thrown weapons and how upon both ranges he was always likely to be helping others improve their form. For this Their Majesties inducted him into the order of the Silver Alce. Scroll by the hands of Baroness Anastasie deLamoure.

Their Majesties summoned Roisin Duncan to join Their Court, and spoke of her fiber works with Kumihimo, which she describes herself as a cat playing with string. She has improved in her craft, seeking more complicated patterns, even creating new patterns of her own, and yet she is generous with her art and seeds the kingdom and baronial largess with her weavings, and so Their Majesties were pleased to Award her Arms. Scroll by Maitresse Elyse la Beef and Hatun Gulsah al-zakiyya, Text by Lord Lundardo Capriolo.

The Armiger Fuego of the Hael was inducted into the Order of the Golden Alce in absentia for their blossoming skill with rapier. They were Impressed with their dedication to continually improving their skill as they served as the Rhydderich Hael’s Rapier Champion. Words and image from the The Flower of Battle of Master Fiore Friulano de’i Liberi 1409 with some additions by Zofia Kowalewska

Their Majesties then took a moment to showcase the gorgeous new cushions that had been crafted for the Sylvan thrones by Lady Avitoria Vidua. In appreciation for her fine craftsmanship to secure the comfort of Their Majesties, They presented her with a Golden Escarbuncle in absentia.

Baron Friderich Swartzwalder was invited into the court and inducted into the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc for his skills as an excellent and patient teacher of history and military history of Germany, and his skills at crafting silk banners. Their Majesties invited all companions of the Fleur to take a moment to find and greet Friderich to welcome him to the order. Scroll by Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen based on Biblia pauperum, a block book c. 1470-80.

Her Majesty spoke of her deep appreciation for all of the artisans who entered the competition and called forth THLord Sasson de Sancta Vittoria and named him Her inspiration for the day and gave him a personal token for his efforts in researching and bringing together all of the various Viking motifs in order to create the Chivalry scroll for Sir Marek Viacheldrago.

Their Majesties thanked all of the scribes and medallion makers who contributed to Their court. They further thanked their staff of Their herald, Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile, Baroness Amalie Reinhardt for running the technologies of the court, THLord Rouland of Willowbrooke for providing lighting for Their Majesties thrones, and all of Æthelmearc for signing on and joining the court. They then invited all present to stay and enjoy Æthel Chat after court.

Court Closed.

Seneschal Announces Mask Requirement for Children and Unvaccinated Adults


, ,

Hello! This is to help clarify the July 1st re-opening rules that were sent out June 2nd, specifically about kids.

Æthelmearc is requiring everyone who is not fully vaccinated (so 2 weeks past the final dose) to wear a mask, as we are following CDC guidelines.

This includes children ages 2-11 years old.

We are going to enforce this (with everyone, not just kids) with kindness and empathy. Everyone should be kindly reminded to wear their masks if they are not vaccinated. Nobody other than a child’s parent should be yelling at their kids without masks. Parents should be reminded, gently, and with tolerance and understanding. Kids are going to kid – some of them are absolute Houdinis and ninjas and we need to be mindful as much as we can.

We are doing this because we are concerned for children’s safety as there are some very contagious variants out there that are affecting children.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact myself at and Duke Christopher/Dr. Chadd Nesbit at

Illadore de Bedegrayne
Kingdom Seneschal