The Shire of Coppertree is looking for artisans from around the kingdom to demonstrate their craft at Winter Haven-To Warm the Cold Days Ahead on February 14! If you’re interested, please e-mail chronicler@coppertree.aethelmearc.org by Dec. 17 and let us know what you would 247112_204618542913259_4201014_nlike to demonstrate.

In true Coppertree fashion, the event itself will be a laid-back day of fun and frivolity! Come as you “were” in your oldest garb. Show us your S.C.A.R.S. in our throwback A&S competition by submitting an older previous entry. Bring photos from early events to reminisce — and we’ll scan them for you to share with others (in reasonable quantities). Join in the silliness and fun of the tin hat competition (aluminum foil will be provided). We are also hoping Dragonto have some dancing in the afternoon.

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