Unto the Citizens of Æthelmearc do their Highnesses, Timothy and Gabrielle send greetings,
Long and loud have we sung the praises of Glorious Æthelmearc. Her beautiful views. Her wonderful people. Her sumptuous feasts. Her talented artisans. Her skilled fencers, mighty fighters and deadly archers. Our neighbors have noticed, and are no longer content merely to settle their differences on our lands; now they have decided to join forces and divide up Æthelmearc amongst themselves! The East and the Middle have announced their intentions this very day. We have a mere seven months to ready our forces and defend our lands. Their Majesties, Her Highness and I will try and rally the Known World to our cause, and ask you all to aid us in the defense of our home. This will of course be done in the joyous spirit of friendship that Pennsic and the Society is always about.

As always, we serve,
Timothy and Gabrielle