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Stolen bow and quiver:

My friend Sue’s traditional bow and hand tooled leather quiver were stolen from her car in the Tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) on December 5. Please keep your eyes out for it on Craigslist and shops/flea markets, etc. She is devastated.

The missing bow is a recurve barebow, 64 inches, Osage and coco-bola wood. It has the name “Susan” plus “custom made by R. King” written on it. Possibly a 29 pound bow. The quiver is hand-engraved tooled leather and had 10 arrows in it (5 Easton Carbon one 1000s with pink feathers and 5 with yellow feathers). Again, please keep your eyes open for it. Thanks!

If you hear/see anything please e-mail:


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