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A treasure trove of online original resources can be found at Fordham University’s Internet Medieval Sourcebook site here. Spend some time clicking through the sections in the left navigation bar. Here are a few of the delights in store:

ethelbertAnglo Saxon Dooms (laws) from 560-975. Read the laws of Æthelbehrt (560-616) to discover the fines to be paid for various injuries to others – everything from pierced nostrils, to different prices for various teeth, to bruises:
59. If the bruise be black in a part not covered by the clothes, let bot be made with thirty scaetts.
60. If it be covered by the clothes, let bot for each be made with twenty scaetts.
(Hint: Scroll down and print out the glossary first.)

Feudal Oaths in the 10th Century. Feifs, methods of land transfer and the collection of scutage (early taxation for military).

Select Social History sources, including slavery laws and papal decrees and law theory and practice.

Full text sources of everything from Chaucer to Dante.

Unfortunately, there are several broken links, but much of the content is held on the website itself – enough to keep you browsing for hours!