Editor’s Note: There are moments that remind me why this Kingdom and this Society hold a dear place in my heart. And moments that remind me why the most important award that the Royalty give is the Award of Arms. This is one of these moments that does both as the newest Lord & Lady of Æthelmearc conveyed these heart felt words. I am grateful I call them friends. ~ Euriol of Lothian

From Lord Christian

You all make this society great.

Unto the populace who does reside in these most sacred Sylvan Lands of Æthelmearc, does one Lord Christian Goldenlok of House Sable Maul present greetings:

I am indeed humbled to be the newest member of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc to be merited the honor of an individual Award of Arms. In the youth of my privilege, I am moved to express again why I am so grateful to be among the blessed populace of Æthelmearc.

Christian AoAThis is a special award to me. It is so because of the words of my Knight, Sir Gareth Kincaid, the talents of his lady, Mistress Julianna Delamere, and the writing of the lady who holds my heart; the scroll is personally touching.

It is also deeply meaningful because the act is made so by the hands of both my King and Queen. I now feel that besides a flexibility in political freedom, it’s a way for the Kingdom itself to include me in a blanket marked not just by where I live, geographically. The award gives me great confidence, because the path I have taken these past few years has now been officially encouraged by the Kingdom, itself. I feel more connected to my kingdom than ever because of the kind actions of those I am in fielty to.

I always speak highly of my Knight, his fine lady, my House, and my shire, the Shire of Misty Highlands. Time has solidified those bonds. In my heart, those bonds are sacred and meaningful. They are my beloved.

For a moment I take liberty to speak highly of my fellow subjects of Æthelmearc and its King and Queen. I do so because as I have strived to form relationships with you, I have been met in turn with overwhelming amounts of warmth, compassion, encouragement, largess, empathy, love, acceptance, bruises, and inclusion. The events of the entire day during our Twelfth Night celebration was shining examples of those qualities.

I am ailed with beloved pride for my kingdom, but I am also grateful for having made friendships with so many of its subjects.

Christian & Adelyn 2Although you may have read my words through your computer screen previously, it was always my intention to occasionally travel and personally reach out to you from my home in Misty Highlands. In the months that followed, every single one of the relationships I have formed with you is important to me. Every move of friendship returned has been overwhelmingly inspiring to both me and my love, Lady Adelyn Idesborn. You enhance the quality of my life.

In conclusion, to those who call my Sylvan Lands home, as the newest Lord of Æthelmearc I declare that it is my supreme honor to help hold high the torch of this fine society. I will carry, with instruction from my mentors, the flame of our kingdom proudly so as others may see the light of our Kingdom’s goodness and feel the warmth of its inclusion.

I am humbled to be the next generation of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc. The witnessed examples shown by my Knight, his household, and your participation in this great Kingdom have rooted in me a deep love and sense of wonder. I am inspired to be among you, and I am proud to proclaim that we are alive, we are well, and we are thriving.

In Glorias,
Lord Christian Goldenlok

From Lady Adelyn

I would like to take the time to genuinely thank and praise each person who attended the Twelfth Night celebration on January 10 who made me feel so warm, welcome, and at ease. I randomly saw people doing a type of weaving I had never seen before, and so they went out of their way to show me what they were doing, explain what it was, and tell me the history of it.

Christian & Adelyn 3I had friendly acquaintances drop everything to include me in conversations and provide me with a loaner goblet and loaner feastware. Daniel Rufus, thank you again! I was asked to stand guard to the queen, where I was then included in conversation and was humbled by how kind and thoughtful so many members of our society are–both lowest and highest ranking. Thanks to Gabrielle de Winter for asking me to guard!

I was given delicious samples of mead, cordial, ale, and scotch by some of the best Brewers in Æthemaerc. Thanks to Rauðbjorn Loðbrok for not just watering us on site, but for sending us home with your award winning brew!

Lastly, I attended the most interesting and fun court I’ve ever been to where there was interpretive dance, genuine gratitude expressed to and by so many people, and above all, my Lord Christian Goldenlok and I were recognized by the kingdom and awarded arms. Gareth Kincaid and Juliana Delamere — Christian was overwhelmed by your words and artwork, I am grateful for having been included in the planing of his scroll! I cannot express how thankful I am to all those who made this possible. Anna Leigh and Titus Germanicus certainly are worthy and gracious leaders to our Sylvan Lands and I am beyond honored to have been recognized by them.

Christian & AdelynI also finally met face to face many people who up till now I have only interacted with online. What a blessing it was! Here, though, I would also like to apologize. The time was short at this event, and I did not get to talk to everyone Id like to have gotten to know better. Also, this is the first event I’ve been to where I did get to meet and talk to so many people who I don’t generally get to see in person. Being a person who is just naturally shy the first few times I talk to someone new, I struggled quite a bit to be as open and candid as I find it easy to be online. I wish to apologize to anyone who wanted to talk who I did not find the time to meet with personally, and I apologize to anyone who I did find time to talk to if I was a little clammy and introverted–each time I meet you in person my shyness melts away and I fear for you all the day I run through events blabbering to each of you without cease.

I would like to close by telling everyone in house, shire, region, and kingdom, I appreciate you all, for your kindness, your inclusion, your support, your largess, and how each of you has invested in making me a better person. I hope to honor each and every one of you with my actions and words as I move forward as a lady of these Sylvan Lands of Æthemaerc.

In glorias!

Yours truly,
Lady Adelyn Idesborn