A young Morgan Elandris and Elric of Erewhon.

Would you like to learn more about the history of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc? Want to hang out with people who are sharing their memories of our Kingdom?

 Well, then, you’re in luck because we live in an age with wondrous social media and electronic communication options that allow us to connect with each other over long distances. We can come together, share the pieces of our history that each of us hold, and stitch the pieces one by one to create a rich tapestry that tells our collective story.

 As the Æthelmearc Kingdom Historian, I’d like to invite all who read these words to join the quest to discover and document the history of our Sylvan Kingdom. Become a member of the Æthelmearc History page on Facebook. You can find the group here.

 Once there, browse through the posts and pictures to spark memories, learn something new, or share a favorite memory or two with the 500 plus members already there. Oh, and be sure to tell your friends about this group, too. The more people we can bring together, the more history we can discover.

 In Service,
THL Hrefna Ulfvarrinsdottir
Æthelmearc Kingdom Historian