A message from cori, our Kingdom Seneschale.

AEthelmearcRegarding discussion of Peerage and Rapier Combat:

With the ongoing discussion of the Board meeting, I have been following several threads here in Æthelmearc and have seen opinion and speculation regarding how we may go forward on this topic.

Changes to Corpora are being discussed in several venues. At this time (1/18/15 1:52pm) there have been no changes to Corpora on the Society website, no announcements of changes on the Society Seneschal page, and no emails to the Kingdom Seneschal with any official updates or changes. The version of Governing Documents (Corpora) hosted on the Society website is January 2014. The hard copy held in the Corporate Office takes precedent but we do not at this moment have access to it and we will need to wait and learn of any official changes through official channels.

I will check back periodically with updates. I thank all of you for continuing to treat each other gently and with respect. I am pleased and not surprised that the tenor of discourse on such an emotional topic remains respectful of all involved. It is what I have come to love about my Kingdom.

Thank you,
Seneschale, Æthelmearc