Greetings Most Awesome Kingdom in the Known World,

Before announcing this months contest.. It’s the winners from last month:

I am pleased to announce the winners from last months contest. Though we do not have awesome prizes you do have the right to put this on your SCA resumes and lord it over the heads of your friends who did not win.

Third Place:
Robert Peterson: ““My noble lords, I do not see any giants. All I see are windmills.””

Second Place
Arianna “Come on, let’s keep looking, there has to be a better candidate for the fourth horseman. This guy just doesn’t have the right vibe for Famine…”

And the Winner
Aoife: “Does this duck make my butt look big? Seriously, guys, are you even looking? Pay attention. Does this duck make my butt look big?”


This month features two of Æthelmearc’s best; Duke Maynard and Sir Stefan Ulfkelsson. Please use the reply function to add your caption. Last month we had over 17 entries and a whole lot of viewers. Lets go for even more this month! Please make sure you hit like next to the captions you like as they count as votes. You can vote for all of them.

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