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ThescorreUnto the Good Gentles of Æthelmearc does Lady Kaðlin Sigvaldakona send Greetings!

As Chancellor of Classes for the upcoming College of Three Ravens event in the Industrious Barony of Thescorre, I am humbly requesting for gentles to share their knowledge and skills by signing up to teach a class (or two)! This day of teaching and learning will be on February 21, 2015 at the Western Presbyterian Church, located at 101 E. Main St, Palmyra, NY 14622.

We have the potential for 50 hours worth of classes. 17 hours have been filled already, and the event is one month away. So if you have been undecided about whether you should teach, please sign up and share your knowledge and skills with others.

Please use the following format when supplying information. It will greatly help me in setting the class schedules:

SCA Name: (as you wish it to appear in the class listings)
E-mail address:
Class Name:
Class Description:
Class Format: (lecture, round-table, hands-on, etc)
Length of Class: (one 50 min block or two 50 min blocks)
Handouts provided: (yes/no)
Participant Fees: (if any)
Class Limits/Restrictions: (# of participants, no children, children with supervision, etc.)
Room/equipment requirements: (table space, access to sink, use of projector, etc )
Preferred teaching time: (am, pm, either)

Please send emails to kadlin@thescorre.org with ‘C3R’ in the subject line.  I will send a confirmation email back to you within 48 hours.

Yours in service,
Lady Kaðlin Sigvaldakona
Chancellor of Classes
College of Three Ravens, 2015