By Mistress Shishido Tora Gozen.

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This article is specifically tailored towards those persons interested in adding equestrian activities to their event, focusing on the important steps that should be followed.


  • Plan on contacting the Equestrian Marshal staff at least 6 months before the event.
  • An Equestrian Marshal must be present when horses are on site.
  • Marshal staff will advise you if an Æthelmearc Equestrian Marshal is available for your event.
  • Marshal staff will advise you regarding equestrian insurance, and other requirements and assist with meeting these requirements.


Prior to adding equestrian activities to your event, several questions must be answered. These include:

  • Is this potential site suitable for equestrians? An Equestrian Marshal will determine this by inspecting the site.
  • The inspection will evaluate specific issues relative to horses such as footing for the horses, water availability, and other safety concerns.
  • Permission for equestrian activities must be verified with the site owner. Marshals can answer specific questions raised by the property owner regarding horses.
  • Space for horse camping, availability of stalls and trailer parking must be determined.
  • Information regarding these issues will be disseminated to equestrian participants prior to the event by the Equestrian Marshal.


A special insurance rider must be activated in order to have equestrian activities at an event. This includes any equestrian activity, even if the horses are used only for processions.

  • Equestrian Insurance fees are $50.
  • Insurance must be ordered at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • Late fees after this deadline, are $175.
  • Insurance may be ordered by the Autocrat or Equestrian Marshal in Charge.
  • A copy of the insurance will be provided to the Kingdom Equestrian Officer (KEO) at least two weeks prior to the event date.


  • The SCA requires the posting of two signs regarding Equine Liability Law at all events where equestrian activities are conducted.
  • This applies to any event where horses are present, even if only for use in processions.
  • Usually the Equestrian Marshal will provide and ensure these signs are posted.
  • Signs are ordinarily posted at Troll and the main equestrian area.
  • Society Rules detail sign requirements.
  • Society Rules require all persons with a high probability of having direct contact with equines to sign an equestrian wavier.
  • Events which limit contact to the equestrians require only equestrians to sign this form. This includes riders, handlers, and grounds-people. The Equestrian Marshal will ensure signatures are obtained and copies are forwarded to the Waiver Clerk.
  • At events where all attendees could have direct contact with equines, all attendees will sign this form, which will ordinarily be placed at Troll. Troll staff or the Equestrian Marshal will ensure copies are forwarded to the Waiver Clerk.

Most of the extra steps required will be completed by the Equestrian Marshal, but the Autocrat needs to be familiar with these requirements, especially those with time limits. Despite the fact equestrian activities require these additional steps, it is worthwhile to consider adding equestrian activities to your event. It adds a special effect and pageantry to the event. The additional activity also promises to add to your attendance numbers. It is my hope that Autocrats and Event Organizers will consider adding this activity to their event schedules.