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On the 27th day of July Anno Societatis XLVIII, Æthelmearc joined with the Kingdoms of Ansteorra, Caid, Trimaris and Atlantia in recognizing equestrians within their kingdoms with a Grant level award by signing the Treaty of the Golden Lance.

During the reign of Count Isenwulf Thorolfssone and Countess Rosalinda of Castile, it was decided that The Order of the White Horn would no longer be used to recognize all those martial disciplines other than Heavy fighting (Rattan). This Order would be designated for those skilled in Thrown Weapons alone anTreaty 13d that other Orders would be designated for Combat Archery, Siege, and Equestrian. At that time, it was decided that Æthelmearc would join other Kingdoms in the use of the Order of the Golden Lance in order to recognize its equestrians. After determining the procedures necessary, this original plan came to fruition during the reign of Duke Maynard von dem Steine and Duchess Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaomhanaigh. Through their efforts, the Treaty was signed at Pennsic in 2013.

Shishido Tora (Gozen), the current Kingdom Equestrian Officer, contacted the appropriate people to determine the process which needed to be fulfilled in order that Æthelmearc could enter into the Treaty with the other Kingdoms. This involved creating a document which would be signed, coordinating with the other Royalty members to ensure their attendance at Pennsic along with their Principal Heralds, and setting a date and place for the Treaty to be signed. Under the direction of the Crown, these details were “ironed out” and it was determined that the Treaty would be signed immediately after Opening Ceremony during the Known World Party.

After the Opening Ceremonies were completed, the members of the Royalty retired to the East Kingdom’s pavilion on the field, where the Known World Party was set to begin. Initially the Treaty was laid upon the tables designated for the use of Æthelmearc so that they could share their food and wine with the attendees. Due to the congestion in this area, the Treaty was later moved to a central area away from any liquids which could endanger the paper upon which the Treaty was drawn. After a short time, all the parties had signed the Treaty.

With the signing of the Treaty and inclusion of the Order in Kingdom Law, equestrians of the Kingdom can now be recognized by this Order for their skills in the equestrian arts as well as service to the equestrian community. Companions of the Order are entitled to wear a badge of the Order and/or a ribbon “Sable edged Or charged with a lance Or” worn on either the calf or above the elbow, or as a pennon bearing the badge of the Order on their Tournament lance. Additionally, when traveling throughout the Known World, they are recognized by these other Kingdoms for their rank which is retained if they relocate.

The pictures below show the Royalty and Principal Heralds of the Kingdoms of Ansteorra, Caid, Trimaris, Atlantia and Æthelmearc signing the Treaty. (Note that titles are not included, as the persons are identified by their offices at the time of signing. ) The Treaty, which was created by Shishido Tora, is also shown below after signing.  Note that the descriptions appear above the relative photograph.

The first to sign the Treaty was the King of Trimaris, Kurn O’Farrell of Ulster. The second picture shows the Triskele Herald, Posadnik Sasha Gregor’evich Vilanov, signing the Treaty. (My apologies as I was unable to capture the image of Queen Eridani Aureus signing the Treaty.)

Treaty 21

 Treaty 1

The Queen of Ansteorra, Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon signed for both herself and her King (Lochlan Dunn).  Avery Shaw, Proxy to the Star Principal Herald, Andrewe Baldwyn, signing the Treaty.

Treaty 3

Treaty 4

The King and Queen of Atlantia, Amos and Ysabella.  (My apologies as I was unable to capture the image of the Queen actually signing the Treaty.) Treaty 6

 The Triton Herald, Gisela vom Kreuzbach, signing the Treaty.Treaty 22







The King of Caid, Sven Örfhendur and Quuen Cassandra Zoë Paganel, sign the Treaty.

Treaty 10









Treaty 8


The Crescent Principal Herald, Cormac Mor signs as the King of Æthelmearc looks on.Treaty 17 Cormac


The Queens of Æthelmearc and Caid confer at the Treaty signing prior to Æthelmearc signing.  The King of Æthelmearc, Maynard von dem Steine signs the Treaty for Æthelmearc.Treaty 14



Treaty 19


The Queen of Æthelmearc, Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaomhanaigh, signing the Treaty.

Treaty 12


Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima Zentarou Umakai, signing the Treaty.

Treaty 16


Signed Treaty of the Golden Lance and the artist and author of this article, Mistress Shishido Tora (Gozen). The original is maintained by Æthelmearc and the four signing Kingdoms each received a copy of the Treaty.

Treaty 20

Treaty 23

This article was originally published in the newsletter for the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, the Æstel.