popbadgeAs a result of the First Quarter Director’s Meeting, interest in the Additional Peerage Proposal has soared, with postings on the subject proliferating in social media venues.

The Gazette has compiled a list of useful links and deadlines so that you can access pertinent information from one page.

Comments to the Board of Directors
As noted in Their Majesties’ letter, published by the Gazette this morning, the SCA Board of Directors will be having an Executive Session on February 2nd to discuss the issue. Comments from the populace are strongly encouraged, and may be sent to comments@sca.org.

According to the Board, they received commentary from less than 2% of the membership over the entire three year exploratory process and all requests for comments on the rapier peerage issue. The Directors do read the emails, and you do not need to be a paid member to send your comments. If you do not write, your voice will not be heard; it is that simple.

Since they have already rejected the proposal for a rapier-only peerage, that option is not on the table at this time. One of the options they are considering is an Omnibus peerage for all non-rattan martial arts – not only rapier, but also archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, siege, combat archery, etc. If you would like to send your opinions to the Board of Directors, please write to them this week, before the Feb. 2nd Executive Session, at comments@sca.org. ~ from Their Majesties’ letter

Unofficial Additional Peerage Survey
Mistress Euriol of Lothian of Æthelmearc and Baron Antonio di Rienzo Ruspoli of Drachenwald have privately funded an unofficial survey on the additional peerage question. The survey is set to record a single response per IP address. The goal is to collect 2000 responses, which makes for a good statistical sampling. The polling results will be sent to the Board of Directors before the February 2nd Executive Session. It is their hope that people will share the link as widely as possible over the next few days. More than 500 responses have been received so far.

Click here to take the Additional Peerage Poll.

It should be noted that this survey should not be taken in lieu of sending private emails to the Board; indeed, the survey encourages comments and also gives the SCA email at the end.

Letter from Their Majesties
Their Majesties’ letter to the Æthelmearc populace can be found here.

Letter from Their Highnesses
Their Highnesses’ letter can be found here.

Official Board Announcement
An official statement from the Board of Directors can be found here.

Information on the Original Additional Peerage Exploratory Committee
You can find information on the original Additional Peerage Exploratory Committee (APEC) and a link to the original committee report here.

Second Quarter Board Meeting
The Second Quarter 2015 Board Meeting will be taking place in the Middle Kingdom on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the Embassy Suites Cincinnati – River Center 10 East Rivercenter Boulevard, Covington Kentucky, 41011. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.