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Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Titus and Anna Leigh, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Their Court at St. Swithin’s Bog Twelfth Night in the Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog January AS 49, accompanied by Their Highnesses Timothy and Gabrielle, Prince and Princess of Æthelmearc, and Their Excellencies Iago and Emilia, Baron and Baroness of St. Swithin’s Bog. As recorded by Their Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai, with the assistance of Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Golden Alce Herald, and Lord Ian Campbell of Glen Mor.

His Majesty announced that He would be holding a meeting following Court, and any gentles who wished to weigh in with their opinions regarding the recent announcements by the Board of Directors would be welcome.

Their Majesties Granted leave to Their Excellencies Iago and Emilia to hold Their Baronial Court.

Gunnar UlfrBani was Awarded Arms for his skill and service upon the fencing field. Scroll by THL Rois O Faye.

Battista Alce

Lord Battista di Lupo Speranza

Battista di Lupo Speranza was Awarded Arms and inducted into the Order of the Golden Alce for constant dedication to both the fencing and rattan communities. Scroll the THL Alianora Bronhulle.

Lord Arvik of St. Swithin’s Bog was created a Companion of the Keystone for service at events and to the thrown weapons community, for serving as Head Cook, and especially for  his promotion of thrown weapons to the youth of the Kingdom. Scroll illuminated and calligraphed by THL Ismay Ponde upon wording by Count Sir Jehan de la Marche.

Lord Lord Arvik of St. Swithin’s Bog with his Keystone scroll

Lord Arvik of St. Swithin’s Bog

Lady Svava of St. Swithin’s Bog was elevated to the Order of the Golden Alce for her constant drive to better herself in both light and heavy weapons, often competing on both fields in the same day at the Pennsic War. Scroll in progress by Baroness Barbary Rose.

THL Rois O Faye was named to the Order of the Sycamore for her skill and productivity in creating commemorative scrolls to celebrate the achievements of the populace of Æthelmearc. Scroll by Lady Rachel Dalicieux.

Aemelia Soteria Keystone

Lady Aemelia Soteria

Lady Aemilia Soteria was inducted into the Order of the Keystone for her multifaceted service to multiple Baronies, including in thrown weapons and archery, as MOL, teacher, and lender of equipment. Scroll illuminated by Master Caoinleán Seanchaidh and calligraphed by Mistress Cynthia Love of the Tower upon wording by Lady Elizabeth of St. Swithin’s Bog.

Her Majesty informed all those who wish to create and donate largesse for the upcoming Estrella and Gulf Wars that Æthelmearc has the responsibility to create largesse for the host Kingdom of Atenveldt for Estrella, and the Kingdom of the Outlands for Gulf Wars.

Lady Elizabeth of St. Swithin's Bog

Lady Elizabeth of St. Swithin’s Bog

Lady Elizabeth of St. Swithin’s Bog was named to the Order of the Golden Alce for her quiet service to the thrown weapons and archery communities. Scroll by Lady Rachel Dalicieux.

THL Gunther Grunbaum was created a Companion of the Sycamore for his skill in leatherworking, and for winning the St. Crispin’s Leather A&S competition at the recent festival of Agincourt. Scroll in progress by THL Gwydion ap Arden.

There being no further business, Their Majesties’ Court was closed.

In Honor and Service,
Kameshima Zentarō Umakai
Silver Buccle Principal Herald, Kingdom of Æthelmearc


~ All photos courtesy of Mistress Hilderun Hugelmann.