Unto the Kingdom of Æthelmearc does Prince Timothy send greetings,

These last few weeks have been hard on all of us. Regardless of their good intentions, the BoD’s decision of the 17th opened up wounds that will take a very long time to heal. People on every side of the issue have said things that they wish they hadn’t, friendships have been torn apart. Grievances, both real and perceived that have occurred over decades, have been brought into the light of day. It is up to all of us to try to fix the rift that has developed in our midst. I ask you to help me understand what must be done for us to move on. To my mind, the most important thing any of us can do is to see things from other points of view.

Aside from my wedding band, my knight’s belt and chain are the most prized possessions I own. While my ring is a bond with my wife, my belt and chain are a bond with the Kingdom and her Crowns. In the case of the knighthood, if both parties aren’t a part of the relationship, they are just a meaningless hunk of leather and a length of chain. The trappings mean nothing if I am not worthy of the people I am trying to serve.

By the grace of Michael and Seonaid, King and Queen of Atlantia, I was knighted on the field of battle at Pennsic 19. In all these years, I have striven to be an example worthy of the bond those trappings represent. I am only human, and as such, have stumbled on occasion. For these instances, I can only apologize and redouble my efforts in the future. But as I said, I have been a knight for a long time. My ideas of what our Kingdom and her people need of me may be outdated.

I beg your indulgence. On the eve of our Coronation in April, I would like to sit vigil and reflect on how I may serve. I’d have all the populace offer any words of wisdom and guidance that may serve me as a knight, as Prince, or as King. I invite any of my brother and sister knights to sit vigil at my side.

So, on April 10th, AS 49, at the site of our Coronation, I shall sit vigil from 8pm until 1am. Any who would offer their council are welcome to visit, or if they are unable to attend, send words so that I may read them. Even if your wisdom is simply your point of view, I ask that you offer it, so that it may guide me in the future.

In service to our Kingdom and Society, I remain,