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Mistress Matilda Bosvyle, Dean of the Æthelmearc Scribal College at the Pennsic University, submitted this article.

PennsicUAnyone wishing to teach at Pennsic War 44 may now register their class with the Pennsic University through the official website.

Registration is quick and (mostly) painless. You must have an email address to register as an instructor and may teach up to 4 classes per email address. Once logged in you will be asked to create (or update, if you are a returning teacher from last year) an Instructor Profile with the required legal/SCA names, contact information and dates you expect to be at Pennsic War available to teach. Select the “Request a Class” button to get started with your specific class information. You will need to provide the following:

  • Class title
  • Description (limited to 150 characters for the on-site class book publication, but unlimited for web site publication)
  • Class length
  • Number of sessions you wish to teach that class
  • General topic category (select from the drop-down box)
  • Handout /materials fees and quantity limits
  • Dates and time range requests (times are listed in 3 hour blocks)
  • Special needs for your class (electricity, messy class, etc.)

If you taught a class last year, you will find it listed under “Previous Year’s Classes.” Simply select the “Request for This Year” button, review the information, and select new dates and times. You can also make other changes if your class has evolved since last year.

Once class registration has closed (usually mid-April) students can log into Pennsic University Thing to check out the classes to be offered, download or print complete class information, or create a custom schedule.

Pennsic University is a great place to teach whether you are a seasoned in-persona lecturer or just want to share a new skill you learned. The University provides tent space, tables, chairs, and eager students with wide variety of interests and experiences from all over the Known World. While it may be difficult to think about making that commitment so many months in advance, it’s a wonderful way to enhance your Pennsic vacation and I encourage you all to consider teaching!