feasts 2Have you registered for College of Three Ravens which will take place on February 21 in Thescorre yet?

Your paid feast reservation must be made by Sunday the 15th to secure a seat. Note that there are many gluten-free options, but you must let the head chef know beforehand. Please use this link:

We now have a delicious menu for the “Tour across Europe” Feast provided by
Baroness Nezah with assistance from Lady Elzbieta and Lord Andrew:

The Tour across Europe Feast Menu:

Shredded Chicken & Bacon (in sauce) (Portuguese)
** GF Portion will be thickened with GF Flour. (Please contact Nez)
Basmati Rice
**GF Bread upon request (contact Nez)

Beef Marinated in Garlic Wine Sauce (French)
**Beef made without wine upon request (contact Nez)
Sauteed Mushrooms and Leeks (English)
Carrots in Cumin Sauce (Roman)
Bean and Ricotta Tortellini (Italian)

Ham Pastries with Fig, Honey, and Bay Leaf (Roman)
**GF will have ham slices cooked without the pastry. (Please contact Nez)
Crustless Genovese/Herb Tart (Several Cultures, but taken from German

Fried Apples (French)
Pears in Wine Sauce (English)
Crustless Custard (English)
Salted Caramel Dates (Roman)
*******CONTAINS NUTS*********

This menu is obviously subject to change, based on what is available and
reasonably priced. ALSO: Please be sure that you’ve contacted Nez if
you have any dietary concerns. She will do her best to work around just about
anything. Please contact her by 2/15/15 so that we can be sure to
account for you in our plans. If you haven’t heard back from her, but think
 she knows you’re coming, please check in with her again to be sure. Thanks!!!


We hope to see you in Thescorre 2/21/15 at College of Three Ravens!  A
class schedule will be released soon as well.

Yours in Service,
Lady Mairghread Stiobhard Inghean uí Choinn
(Margaret Wilcox) at wilcox.margaret@gmail.com or 585-414-3748 before 8:30