??????????Unto the Glorious Æthelmearc fencers does your Royalty send greetings. You will not want to miss the Fencing Muster at California University this weekend; be there not just for the joy of fencing, or for the community, but for a historic announcement! The first writ for the Premiere of the Order of Defense will be issued. If you’ve ever thought of picking up sword in defense of the realm, what a day to begin!

The Fencing Muster starts at 10am on Sunday February 15, 2015. Location: California University (CalU) 250 University Avenue, California, PA 15419.

The fun starts at 10:00, with a brief break for food at around noon; feel free to bring your own, or check out places like Subway, The Great Wall, Dairy Queen, Spuds (though they can be very slow, as can Campy’s) or even Kwick Fill.

GPS and Google maps are both good at finding Cal U, so take your best route to 250, University Avenue, California, PA 15419.

At the red light in town, you will want to go past the Rite Aid – if you came down the hill and the Rite Aid is ahead and to the right, go straight through the light. If you came through town and the left, turn left.

At the next stop sign, turn right. Keep going straight until you can’t, turn left. (It’s really your only choice.)

Follow the road until you reach a rail road crossing gate. You can go across here, and turn right, when you reach the next crossing find a place to park.

The convocation center is the large, impressive building at the end of campus…when you leave the river lot you will be heading left, it’s the building to the left of Hamer, the gym we often practice in. (If you go around to the front, it’s the building with the very tall electric advertisement sign.)

Cal U is no longer able to afford to allow us free parking. The fencing club is happily covering the expense on this occasion, but we would be grateful if anyone was willing to tip in a few dollars to defray the cost of parking.

Contact Gabrielle at speer@calu.edu with any questions.