Happy St. Valentine’s Day Æthelmearc!
Today is a celebration of love and inspiration; of romance and muse.

Here within this page and the comments section below it are the words of those who wish to let their significant other or would be love know their feelings.  If you would like to add a message to someone and are not on this page just use the comment button below.

My lady carries love within her eyes;
All that she looks on is made pleasanter;
Upon her path men turn to gaze at her;
He whom she greeteth feels his heart to rise,
And droops is troubled visage, full of sighs,
And of his evil heart is then aware:
Hates loves, and pride becomes his worshipper.
O women, help to praise her in somewise.
Humbleness, and the hope that hopeth well,
By speech of hers into the mind are brought,
And who beholds is blessed oftenwhiles.
The look she hath when she a little smiles
Cannot be said, nor holden in the thought;
‘Tis such a new and gracious miracle.
-Dante Allighiere

Unto Mine Husband.

My dearest Lord, who hath gone before
I miss your laughter and your smile
I miss our discussions and rapport
And most of all I miss your guile.

I see your face in dreams, beloved
Yet each time my heart doth call thee
My mind reminds me of the truth prov’d
Death has taken you far from me.

You voice grows faint inside my mind
Our debates and agreements now grow blurred
I strain to recall your words — so refined
How I miss what can’t be heard!

Your ashes sit upon the mantel
I have no heart to cast you out
Here, yet not, a box by a candle
The body within, the soul without.

Tears pour as I write this,
My emotions are raw and bare
My heart breaking as I reminisce
My soul overwhelmed with despair

I have cursed the day I lost you
I have seen it o’er and o’er each night
I have suffered to see how I could save you
How I could stop your soul from flight

Oh Beloved, how must I live on without thee?
You always knew this would’st come
You tried hard to prepare me
Of the days when your life was done

Unfair Fate, Unkind Death,
You took him far too young!
I should still have my love by my side
I should still be in his ARMS!

Lord Martyn Kennish. June 17th, AS 49
Lady Kathryn MacLuing, OK

Darling m’lord Wil
Of you I can n’ere get my fill
After forty years I still
Love you …… AND your till.’
With love and humor from Lady Mairghread Stoibhard Inghean ui Choine

1.  To Master Broom, you will always be my hero.  Much love and kisses, the happiest apprentice in the world!!!
2.  To Maestro Scoop, thank you for all of the years of advice, camaraderie and friendship.  You will never know how much I treasure being your protege!
3.  To Master Antonio and Lady Leonor, you are the wind beneath my wings.  You have made me want to be the best that I can be, in everything that I do.  For that, I will forever love you both.  Thank you for an amazing 5 1/2 years.  As we start this next chapter of our lives, I look forward to growing old with you both!!
4.  To THL Zosia Kowalewska, PIE!!!!  I love you, babe!!!!

-THL Renata la rouge
Cordelia, My beautiful wife and best friend. Thank you for a wonderful life. Thank you fro bringing a smile to my face every day, for making sure I feel loved at every moment. Thank you for being a partner beyond compare. I am a truly lucky and blessed man. Love always and then some , Your Husband and friend Phil
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