photo by Master Giuseppe di san Donato

photo by Master Guiseppe di san Donato

Greetings, this missive is for those attending Gulf Wars with Æthelmearc.

Their Majesties thank you for crusading to the southern climes with Them! A
couple of details you may want to know.

1. If you happen to Facebook, please do join the group “AEthelmearc Goes to
Gulf Wars”. It’s not necessary, but it is a handy thing.

2. As is traditional, there will be a Kingdom Court in the Æthelmearc
encampment during Gulf Wars. It will be Thursday at about 7pm.

3. Dona Illadore has offered to run a meal plan, and it looks mighty
tasty!! However, you must contact Sir Koredono at koredono at gmail dot com by
the end of today (3/10) at 9pm if you want in. Or comment on the relevant
post on the Facebook group.

The details:
• The meal plan will consist of breakfast and dinner each day; everyone is
on their own for lunch;
• Breakfast will consist of oatmeal, eggs (probably scrambled and
hardboiled), fruit (probably bananas and oranges), commercially-produced
muffins and pop-tarts, along with coffee (I think);
• Dinners will consist of whatever Illadore comes up with (she has a menu
already), but there will be vegetarian / non-mammal options for each night;
if you have more specific dietary requirements, you’ll have to speak with
Illadore either online or on site;
• The cost for being on the entire meal plan will be $35 for 5 days,
Monday-Friday (plus breakfast Saturday); if you want to be on for *just*
breakfast or *just* dinner we can do that, but you must be on for the
entire week, or not at all. Also, each person must help with prep /
clean-up once or twice (depending on numbers), to spread the labor and not
overburden Illadore. Note that this is a personal endeavor and uses
personal funds, not SCA funds.

4. Their Majesties are trying to compile of list of folks from Aethelmearc
that are going, but are having a difficult time. If you’re going (and
haven’t been commenting such on the Facebook group), please drop me a line at krista.cogan at gmail dot com.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

In Levitate et Caritate,
Mistress Hilderun, co-Head of Court to King Titus and Queen Anna Leigh