HWmarshalAs of March 12th, 2015 polypropylene swords are legal weapons for rattan combat in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc with the below restrictions:

1) The polypropylene rod must be 1.25” in diameter.
2) All polypropylene swords must have the length of the blade completely wrapped in strapping tape.
3) The polypropylene must be one of the below two listed types. Any other type (such as Tecafine PP or other random co-polymer) are explicitly banned for use in combat within Æthelmearc under any circumstances.

Type A: co-polymer 7823, also known as pro-fax 7823 from McMaster-Carr.
Type B: “SCA ROD” from Brast Industrial Solutions. (Brast does not have a part # for this, the “sca rod” designation identifies the rod required, as per Barry Ellison.) Brast Industrial Solutions can be reached at 502-585-5171 or 800-292-2396.

My thanks to everyone who helped with the testing and tracking of the test results. Especially to Duke Malcolm MacEoghainn, my experiemental deputy for the above wording.

Tessa, KEM