king-clip-art-king_01_clip1It has been rumored that a wealthy industrialist is so inspired to become King that he seeks a current Kingdom to move in to. He would then open one of his large call centers there and each employee would receive an SCA membership as a benefit of employment. That Kingdom would benefit from having new members and employment for any current SCA member who needs a job. In return the wealthy capitalist would like to grow that area into a Principality and then to a Kingdom without the usual policy, long period waits and rules, wink-wink nudge-nudge, where he would sit as King as often as possible via a tournaments where the boss should win.

It has been rumored that being able to perform a period dance shall be a requirement of a Peerage and each member of said Orders will have to dance publicly at least once per year as physical limitations allow.

hedgehog-clipart-20639-hedgehog-clip-artIt has been rumored that Hedgehogs are not actually made of Hedgehog.

It has been rumored that SCA electronic publications like supplements are held prisoner by the SCA and cannot be republished outside the SCA newsletter website even if they are multiple years old.

It has been rumored that a new ten-page disclaimer, waiver, and standard celebrity form has been commissioned to cover all past, current, and future disclaimer, waiver, and celebrity needs. New offices will be formed for the proper administration, evolution, and storage of said forms, as said forms could evolve intelligence, gain speech, and eventually eat someone. If all goes well such new officers could create hundreds of new novel disclaimer, waiver, and standard celebrity addendums leading to thousands of service Grant and Peerage memberships.

LochacIt has been rumored that what happens in Lochac stays in Lochac.

It has been rumored that there are so many local events that they will soon be rationed so that in addition to Kingdom events, each Barony may hold only two events plus their champions tourney, and Cantons and Shires may hold only one event each. The only exception is holding a Kingdom event such as Crown, Coronation, or an Academy.

It has been rumored that given enough time, the Office of Redundancy will create rules so brilliantly complex and encompassing that both the Tax and Penal codes will fall to their knees and cower in the wake of the new legislation. The sections on period alcohol and shoes alone will require a Doctorate in Weasel Wrangling.

It has been rumored that illicit cloved oranges led to more than one slapping.

It has been rumored that the Children’s Water War will count as a War Point. Red and blue dyes will be supplied to each side for a thirty-minute siege of the Castle with “res” points.

Photo by Grizzly of Ironstar from the Pennsic Independent

Photo by Grizzly of Ironstar from the Pennsic Independent

It has been rumored that the Lost Boys have been found.

It has been rumored that the phrase “or we could get sued” will be added to the end of each new rule in Corpora.

It has been rumored that by the rules of Chivalry and decency, what happens on the Battlefield late at night should not be announced on Social Media the next morning.

It has been rumored that Jugging will become the official sport of sophisticated Kingdoms.

bardsIt has been rumored that private parties in private camps may ask Bards to leave if they cannot perform naughty drinking ditties.

It has been rumored that this is April Fools and all of this is nonsense and could not possible be taken as true in any way or form, but to avoid any lawsuits, please sign this standard disclaimer, waiver, standard celebrity form.

It has been rumored that no Moose were injured in the writing of this article.

Thank you and carry on good citizens.

We can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that this post was written by Master Filippo de Sancto Martino.

Happy April Fool’s Day!