Pray pay heed to these missives from the Event Staff of Coronation this Saturday, April 11th:

Time Travel – to be transported to that nostalgic scene we ache to visit, such will occur this weekend in the Heart of Æthelmearc.
Photo credit: Mistress Hilderun

Photo credit: Mistress Hilderun

The evening before the Coronation of their most worthy Highnesses (Friday), His Highness Sir Timothy of Arindale will sit in humble vigil. Come and join him.

Continue on the morrow as the hall is transformed. Bring your banners, be they of the Baron, the Shire, the Guild or your own personal colors, fly them high with Pride, Oh Sylvan Æthelmearc.

First court will begin at
11 am, so shake the dust of sleep from your eyes and fall into the dream.

The day will conclude with a feast such as our Feastocrat, Lord Leiofr Grimr, will dare to draw forth from ancient days. Note there are still some seats available and time yet exists to speed your reservations along.

Greetings Master Cooks, Minor Minions of Experimentation and everyone in between: Their Royal Highnesses desire their day of Celebration this next weekend to be one of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice. Why, yes, by all means bring your Lady, but do not forget the Arts and Science Dessert Display.

Feast, brought to you by the St. Lawrence guild and Lord Leifor Grimr, will be concluded with desserts from around the Kingdom. Please RSVP to the autocrat so sufficient room may be set aside for your culinary creations.

To All Not-so-Gentle Gentles (you know who you are): whether you dance in defense or stalwart strike with rods of rattan, opportunity will be yours to match magic with your fellow martial minded noblemen and noblewomen. Arrive early to have your arms inspected, you will not want to miss playing with White Scarfs or Gold Chains, or perhaps, both.

To those not so Pain oriented (well, unless your pain is that which comes from working your fingers to nubs on sleepless nights, dancing your glass slippers to splinters or strumming strings to bursting, then pray attend):

If such is your pleasurable pain then the celebration of their Highnesses upcoming Coronation will afford you ample opportunity for happiness. I understand that garb, newly completed the night prior, will be in fashion. While those unable to attend Ice Dragon are desperately seeking another opportunity to view your handiwork.

An auction table benefiting their new-to-be Majesties’ travel fund will allow you to graciously allow others to be beautifully adorned.

Oh, the Dancing and Music that will be had. It will truly be a dream.

Come, Dream with us!