ExchequerThe Pennsic War Financial Committee, of the Society for Creative Anachronism Pennsic War Inc., a subsidiary corporation of the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc, seeks a qualified individual to become the Pennsic War Exchequer, a member of the senior staff of Pennsic War. This is a volunteer position.

SCA Pennsic War Inc (PWI) presents the largest annual event, The Pennsic War (PW) sponsored by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). This event attracts nine to ten thousand attendees, and runs for seventeen days, plus two weeks of set-up prior and one week of takedown after. The overall Staff of PW can be upwards of 100 named positions and 600 onsite volunteers. The position of PW Exchequer along with the Chief Executive Officer, Finance Committee, and the Pennsic Seneschal Group, coordinates the fiscal activities of PW and PWI.

Many of the activities and tasks the PW Exchequer will engage in:
• Maintaining PW’s accounts using Excel and Quick Books Pro v10 or later
• Attending planning meetings generally held in May and November at the event site.
• Day-to-Day operations of tracking expenditures and ensuring budget compliance
• Remitting payment for PW’s valid accounts payable.
• Filing quarterly and yearly reports required by the SCA
• Being in attendance at PENNSIC WAR during its entirety plus at least 5 days early and as many subsequent days require to wrap up the current year’s on-site business. During the event it is expected that the PW Exchequer will have business hours of at least 6 hours per day.
• Preparing documentation for certified audits.
• Chairing the PW financial committee
• Ensuring compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as regards not-for-profit corporations.
• Overseeing the Exchequer staff, which includes a Quartermaster, an Inventory deputy, and other staff as the office may require to properly conduct business.
• Assist in budget preparation by tracking spending patterns of Pennsic War
• Prepare reports to the Chief Executive Officer of PW as required to maintain effective tracking of expenses.

• A level of understanding sufficient to create, maintain, and amend Excel workbooks which may contain up to 15 inter-related worksheets, macros, array formulas, and other senior level user skills.
• A professional level of understanding of Quick Books Pro, version 10 or later, normally associated with the duties of a finance manager.
• Understanding of SCA Exchequer requirements as regards SCA financial policies
• Understanding of the Pennsic Administrative Policies and the Pennsic Financial Policies
• Reliable internet and phone services, not only at home, but also while away.

• Previous Exchequer experience in SCA on any level
• Modern accounting experience or Modern positions in finance planning
• Previous PW experience in a sustained capacity

What we are looking for:
• Strong and effective communicator, both written and verbal, with excellent interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with both accounting and non-accounting personnel.
• Proficient computer skills using MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and Internet.
• Strong interview skills, ability to ask the right questions to gather and obtain relevant information.
• Ability to work independently, as well as maintain a positive working relationship with PW staff
• Perform multiple tasks under tight deadlines without sacrificing quality or accuracy.
• Strong attention to detail and follow-through.
• Ability to work in an intense time critical work environment

Time Commitment:
• Serve approximately two years as Emergency Deputy Exchequer
• Assume full duties on or about November 1, 2016, for a 3 year term
• It is estimated that during the times, other than the estimated 5 weeks of PW so noted above, the time commitment is ten to twenty hours per week,

We’re looking for evidence that you have the skills, experience, and abilities indicated in this announcement. Information you provide will be used for deciding who’ll be selected for the next step in our process.

Should you be interested in this position, here is the application packet:
• Your modern and SCA resume’s highlighting your experience which fulfills our requirements.
• A cover letter expressing your desire and ability to become the PW Exchequer
• Other materials you wish to have considered in the selection process.

Email this packet to the PW Financial Committee at: pennsic.resume@gmail.com by June 1, 2015