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One of the most important areas at the annual Pennsic War is the Pennsic University. The University is a place where teachers and students from across the Known World come together to share knowledge and inspiration, to teach and learn, to share their passions for all things medieval and Scadian.

Master Michael Alewright TeachingYou don’t have to be a Laurel or a Pelican, a Knight or a Master, to teach at Pennsic. ANYONE can teach, from the newest beginner to the most experienced veteran. All volunteers are welcomed with open arms (and a nifty gift).

This year, as in years past, the registration for classes in on-line at the Pennsic War website. As Kingdom Ministers of Arts and Sciences, Baroness Orianna and I strongly encourage you – yes, you – to teach at the Pennsic University.

You can sign up your class by going to Pennsic War any time prior to the week or so before the War.

However, if you want your class to appear in the Pennsic booklet, which greatly increases the possibility of having many students and much word-fame, you must register your class by MAY FIRST!

So, come along and teach at Pennsic. You won’t be sorry you did so.

In service,

Fridrikr Tomasson, Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences.