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Photo by Lord Darter the Chronicler.

Photo by Lord Darter the Chronicler.

The Æthelmearc Gazette is pleased to share this missive from Aidan ni Leir, the Class Coordinator for Æthelmearc War Practice.

The event is only four weeks away; the deadline for the on-site booklet is just over two weeks out (30 April).


I am very sad to report that as of today, I have only FIVE offers so far. While it is traditional to wait until the last minute to volunteer, these numbers are way below what I have had on the schedule at this point for the last several years. Surely, at an event which has an average attendance of over 1200 gentles, there are more than FIVE volunteers? I know there are many capable teachers with much to offer in this Kingdom, so if you available, please send the following information for the website and booklet:

  • Name of Teacher
  • Title of Class
  • Description of Class (brief, please, 75 words or less)
  • Class Length
  • Maximum Number of Students
  • Age Limit of Students
  • Fee, if any

Please include your legal name and e-mail address, and your preferred time for your class, as well as any special requirements you may have. The schedule will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you volunteer, the more likely it will be that I can accommodate you.

Space is available from 9am-8pm on Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturday in one of three large tents (with tables and chairs), the upper bathhouse (also with tables and chairs, plus electricity and access to water), and the Great Hall.


If you are an officer who would like to hold a staff meeting, or you represent an order or a guild who would like to hold a meeting, you will need to send me the following  information so I can book you a space:

  • Name of order/office/guild/group
  • SCA and legal name of the clerk/officer/representative
  • E-mail address of the clerk/officer/representative
  • Preferred day and time requested
  • Amount of time requested

Space is available from 9am to 8pm on Friday and from 9am to 6pm on Saturday in one of three large tents (with tables and chairs) or the upper bathhouse (also with tables and chairs, plus electricity). Please be flexible; classes will have priority on the space.

Please send your class or meeting request to me by 30 April:

E-mail: helen.pinto@comcast.net
Phone: 724-203-4014
Mail: Helen Pinto
1936 Crestmont Dr
Aliquippa, PA 15001

Thanks in advance for your generous offers, and feel free to cross-post this announcement anywhere you think there may be interest.