AEthelmearcTheir Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle are happy to announce the list of contenders for Their Crown Tournament, to be held May 2 in the Shire of Hartstone.

Sir Tiberius Pinarius Varro for Duchess Anna Blackleaf
Duke Sir Malcolm MacEoghainn for Viscountess Rosalind Ashworthe
Duke Marcus Eisenwald for Baroness Margerite Eisenwald
THL Beatrix Krieger for Count Sir Yngvar the Dismal
Baron Dominic McMoreland for Countess Ysabeau de l’Isle
Count Sir Andreas Morgan for Countess Kallista Morgunova
Count Sir Magnus Tindal for Countess Etain ingen Dalaig
Viscount Ariel of Alon for Lady Amanda Elandris of Kirkby Lonsdale
Sir Magnus de Cnoc an Iora for THL Gwendolyn the Graceful
Mistress Cunen Beornhelm and THL Ariadne Flaxenhair of Dragon’s End each for the other
Sir Aengus MacBain for Maitresse Yvianne de Castel d’Avignon
Sir Murdoch Bayne for THL Rioghnach ni Rose
Sir Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono for Lady Katherine Sinclair
THL Bluestar for Mistress Euriol of Lothian
Sir Wulfstan Huscarl for THL Anna Dillion
Sir Gareth Kincaid for Mistress Juliana Delamere
Mistress Jenna MacPherson of Lion’s Tower and Lord Rouland of Willowbrooke each for the other
Herr Fridrich Flusmullner for Meisterin Felicitas Flusmullnerin
Baron Sir Thomas Byron of Haverford and Baroness Sir Ariella of Thornbury each for the other
Lord Gregory Hillson for Dame Kateryna ty Isaf
THL Kieran MacRae for Meesteres Odriana vander Brugghe
Baron William Freskyn Murray for Baroness Katherine Kiersay
THL Ciaran Faxi Ullson for THL Renata la Rouge
Don William Paris for THL Fiora d’Artusio
THL Ian Kennoven for Lady Sarah Balangee
THL Marek Viacheldrago for Lady Sybilla Julianna Daetwyller
Lord Aidan Ransford for THL Svana in Kyrra
THL Thorsol Solinauga for Lady Una O’Hearain
Lord Edmund Griffith for Ayleth of Stormsport
Lord Marius Sittius for Lady Alita of Hartstone
Lord Lucius Avitus Gregorius for Lady Hilaria Vistalia
Lord Ulrich Von Schwartzburg for Emilia Giovane
Lord Hartman Foscari da Ferrara for Lady Ragna Hakonardottir of Skara
Lord Leo Ignatius for Lady Mairin O’Cadhla
Lady Tamarra of Dragon’s End for Lady Mabel Weaver
Lord Brother Baldo for Noelle the Goode Hearted
Lord Fearghus Mac Eoin for Laura Littlejohn
Torstein Vigdisson for Vigdis Thorsdottir