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Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Timothy & Gabrielle II, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Her Majesty’s Court at Queen’s Rapier Championship in the College of Silva Vulcani 18 April AS 49. As recorded by Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Golden Alce Herald, with the assistance of Lord Arias Beltran del Valle.



Her Majesty wished to invite all the children who attended the event to take some treats that they might amuse themselves during court.


QRC_Court1Her Majesty invited Don Orlando de Bene del Vinta, Her Rapier Champion, to attend Her. Orlando expressed how honored he was to have served these past months as Queen’s Rapier Champion, however he did this day host a grand tournament of 55 fencers to determine who would bear the honor of being his successor. The fighting was fierce, yet one did emerge through the double elimination tournament to prove victorious. Master Don Lodovick of Gray’s Inn was summoned to attend Her Majesty, after affirming his willingness to serve as Her Majesty’s sword and shield he was invested with the regalia of champion and invited to join Her Court. Scroll forthcoming.


Her Majesty next did invite Duchess Dorinda Courtenay to attend Her. The vigilants of the Order of Defense have a most noble and venerable tradition that has happened for each vigilant some time between the issuance of their writ and their sitting vigil, and Dorinda did wish this day to ensure that Don Orlando de Bene del Vinta did not miss out on this long and venerable tradition. Thus the Order of Defense delivered unto him a pie with a sword on it, as is the Order’s most venerable tradition. The pie was made by the hands of Baron Iago, and was made of apples.

Lord Magnus Bastiano di Vigo was commanded to present himself. Her Majesty did affirm with him that it was still his desire to join Her guard. Magnus did indeed still wish this, so Her Majesty placed upon him the baldric of Her guard and invited him to take his place in Her Court.

Their Excellencies of the Debatable Lands, Baron Uilliam mac an t’Saoir and Baroness Constance Glyn Dwr, were invited to present Themselves. They reaffirmed Their fealty to the Kingdom and to Their Majesties as the landed nobles of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands.QRC_Court3

Her Majesty invited all who entered their first Queen’s Rapier Championship this day to present themselves with their consorts. She then gave each of them a rose and invited them to continue to enter tournaments, as their deeds of valor and chivalry did not go unnoticed.QRC_Court4

Dona Gabrielle de Winter was invited to address the Court. She wished to thank her staff and the Shire of King’s Crossing for their assistance in hosting the College of Silva Vulcani’s first royal progress event. She further thanked Her Majesty for attending, and the populace for making the event such a success.

QRC_Court5Murdoch Stewart was summoned to present himself to Her Majesty. Murdoch has jumped right into both fencing and rattan combat with much gusto and aspires to hold the chivalric virtues foremost in his mind. He furthermore volunteered to join Her Majesty’s guard that he might defend her from harm and is frequently seen helping happily. Thus Her Majesty felt moved to Award him Arms. Scroll by Master Jon Blaecstan.

QRC_Court6Her Majesty wished to have words with Niccolo Salvietti. His love of fencing is great. He is often first on the training field and last off of it. He pushed himself to authorize for Queen’s Rapier Championship, that he might expand Her Majesty’s honor by competing. He further is a member of Her Majesty’s guard and assists around the College of Silva Vulcani where needed. Thus he was Awarded Arms. Scroll by Lady Máirghréad Stíobhard inghean uí Choinne.

Dromund Geirhjalmson did catch Her Majesty’s eye, and her subjects had spread word of his mighty deeds, such that it has reached Her noble ears. He is always volunteering to do every task. His love of fencing and rattan is obvious as he strives always to improve his skills. His good mood and enthusiasm permeates everything he does. For this and many more reasons did it please Her Majesty to bestow upon him an Award of Arms. Scroll by Lady Elizabeth of the Bog and Mistress Cynthia Love of the Tower.QRC_Court7

Her Majesty Awarded Arms to Mollie O’Donnell in absentia for her work in sewing garb, and teaching others how to sew garb. Scroll illuminated by Lady Isabel Fleuretan with calligraphy by Kameshima-kyo Zentarō Umakai.

QRC_Court8Dominique Von Weissenthurn was invited to attend her Majesty. Dominique is well known for making hoods and arming caps for the members of the Shire of Ballachlagan. She goes further to teach classes to share with others the skills she is learning. These actions please Her Majesty thus she was moved to bestow upon her an Award of Arms. Scroll calligraphed by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova upon illumination by Gail Hope.



Lord Sergei Ratimirov was invited into court. Her Majesty wished to deliver to him the scroll and medallion marking his induction into the Order of the Golden Alce bestowed upon him last week at Her Coronation by Her predecessors Titus and Anna Leigh that he was not present to get directly.


Lord Bjorn Einarsson has shown great skill and enthusiasm for fencing as his skills continue to increase. This pleases Her Majesty thus She inducted Bjorn into the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll by Dona Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen.QRC_Court10

Her Majesty wished to continue Her tradition of recognizing one who inspired her this day. On this day of much courtesy and inspiration Lord Jehan Le Blanc did impress Her Majesty with his comportment right from the first bout that she witnessed.QRC_Court11

Her Majesty wished to recognize and thank all who had a hand in making the scrolls for this day, as Æthelmearc has many wondrous scribes, without whom the glory of court would be lessened.

Her Majesty thanked everyone who attended this day and all the fencers who vied to be her Champion. His Majesty wanted to be here, and was here in spirit and is eagerly awaiting the tales of chivalry and honor that arose from this day.

After Court, in the royalty room:
The College of Silva Vulcani wished to present to Her Majesty a gift basket full of the works of their hands.

There being no further business, Her Majesty’s Court was closed.QRC_Finals2

All photos in this article by Maistir Brandubh O Donnghaile