Sherwood Foest PannageThis past Saturday, the Shire of Hunters Home hosted the second iteration of its popular Bacon and Brewing Bash.

Brewing activities were a featured part of this event, and well received. The brewers, vintners, meadhers, and apothecaries of Hunters Home and the surrounding area provided an even dozen beverages for the Tasters Tavern – a corner of the main hall where the populace could enjoy the beverages throughout the day. As part of the tavern, the populace was asked to vote on their favorite beverage. Additionally, a visiting guest from outside our organization was asked to make his choice of favorite.

Two competitions were also held: a Judges’ Choice, in which each competitor was required to judge all entries – including their own – using the kingdom’s A&S rubric for brewing; and a competition for “Best Brew with a Bacon Theme”. The winners were as follows:

Judges’ Choice: THL Madoc Arundel for his Riesling wine
Populace’s Choice: Baron Rauthbjorn Lothbroke for his blackberry melomel
Guest’s Choice: Lady Caolifhion of the Woods for her hard apple cider
Best Bacon Theme: Lord Geirolnir the Huntsman for his “Baconator” bacon bock

In addition, Lord Hundthor the Master Pintsman was presented his award of arms scroll for brewing excellence, read into the court record by Their (then) Majesties Titus and Anna Leigh at the Coronation of their heirs two weeks ago.

THL Madoc Arundel