Philo_medievAs of 1 May, these are the classes scheduled for War Practice 26.  Full descriptions of the classes are available in advance from me via e-mailSome classes have age restrictions and other requirements; you may want to check in advance.  Send your request to me off-line at   helen.pinto@comcast.net

Hope to see you all there,
-Aidan ni Leir

Thursday, 14 May
Basics in Blacksmithing • 5pm-8pm, next to the Troll Booth

Friday, 15 May
Basics in Blacksmithing • 8am-11am, next to the Troll Booth
Beginning Naalbinding ($5) • 11am-12pm, Upper Bathhouse
Fun with Filking • 12pm-1pm, A&S Tent #1
20 Songs That Should Be in Your Bard Book • 1pm-3pm, A&S Tent #1
Inspection and Care of Your Archery Equipment • 1pm-2pm, A&S Tent #2
Basic Mead-Making ($15) • 2pm-4pm, Great Hall
Elizabethan Thread Buttons • 2pm-3pm, A&S Tent #2
The Vade Mecum: A Folded Almanac • 3pm-4pm, A&S Tent #3
Heels and Toes: Knitting Period Stockings • 4pm-5pm, A&S Tent #3
How to Make a Bog Chair ($15) • 4pm-6pm, A&S Tent #1
Poisons! Assassins! • 5pm-6pm, A&S Tent #3
Livery Collars • 5pm-6pm, Upper Bathhouse
Æthelmearc History Roundtable Discussion • 5pm-7pm, A&S Tent #2
Consorts’ Roundtable • 6pm-8pm, Battlefield Gallery Pavilion
Judging Beer and Mead in a Historical Context • 6pm-8pm, Great Hall

Saturday, 16 May
Tablet Woven Edges ($1) • 9am-10am, A&S Tent #3
Introduction to Trade Beads • 9am-10am, Upper Bathhouse
Early Cooking Techniques: Pottery Over Coals ($10) • 9am-11am, next to the Lower Bathhouse
Puzzle Letters and Rubrication • 10am-11am, A&S Tent #2
Fabric Dyeing: Simple but Impressive ($10) • 10am-11am, Upper Bathhouse
Teaching in the SCA • 10am-11:30am, A&S Tent #3
Æthelmearc History Roundtable Discussion • 10am-12pm, A&S Tent #1
Consorts’ Gallery • 10am-4pm, Battlefield Gallery Pavilion
Renaissance Dance-Western Europe-Introduction • 11am-12pm, Great Hall
Beginning Naalbinding ($5) • 11am-12pm, Upper Bathhouse
Beginners’ Beginning Class for Illumination ($3) • 11am-1pm, A&S Tent #2
Period Pants You Can Squat In • 2pm-1pm, A&S Tent #3
So You Think You’re Japanese in Court • 12pm-1pm, A&S Tent #1
Renaissance Dance-Western Europe-Intermediate • 12pm-1pm, Great Hall
Iron Oak Ink and How to Make It • 12pm-1pm, Upper Bathhouse
Medieval Food Lab: Open Play • 12pm-4pm, next to the Lower Bathhouse
Losing Loadum • 1pm-2pm, A&S Tent #3
Ebru- The Art of Patience ($2) • 1pm-3pm, Upper Bathhouse
Beyond the Basic T-Style Tunic • 2pm-3pm, A&S Tent #3
Double Reed Musical Instruments: Loud and Soft • 2pm-3pm. Great Hall
Between the Stones: Beginning Pewter Casting ($5) • 2pm-4pm, Great Hall
Hand Sewing Workshop • 2pm-4pm, A&S Tent #2
Pilgrimage Project • 3pm-4pm, A#S Tent #1
Creating the Ya: Japanese Arrows • 3pm-4pm, A&S Tent #3
Advanced Equestrian Activities • 3pm-4pm, Upper Bathhouse
Pas d’Armes Tournaments for Spectators • 3pm-4pm, Battlefield Gallery Pavilion
How to Participate in Your First Pas d’Armes • 3pm-4pm, Battlefield Gallery Pavilion
Marshal Training for Equestrian MIT’s • 4pm-5pm, Upper Bathhouse
Heels and Toes: Knitting Period Stockings • 4pm-5pm, A&S Tent #3
Known World Choir Sneak Peek • 4pm-6pm, A&S Tent #2

The Upper Bathhouse faces the Cooper Store and has the public bathrooms.
The Lower Bathhouse is around the back and has the showers.
The Great Hall is the new steel barn structure out by the parking.
The A&S Tents are to the right of the Cooper Store, near the merchants.
The Battlefield Gallery Pavilion is set up by the fighting fields.

Any fee listed is to cover the cost of materials or kits for students; otherwise there is no fee.

If you would still like to teach a class and haven’t volunteered yet, please send the information below to me by Sunday, 10 May.  Space is only available on Friday, from 11am to 8pm.  These classes will only be listed here on this web page and on the information boards on-site.

To book a class, please send the following to  helen.pinto@comcast.net
Name of Teacher
Title of Class
Description of Class (brief, please, 75 words or less)
Class Length
Maximum Number of Students
Age Limit of Students
Fee, if any
Include your legal name and e-mail address, and your preferred time for your class, as well as any special requirements you may have