The current gamut of Disney Princes, courtesy of http://disneyprincess.wikia.com

The current gamut of Disney Princes. Could YOU reliably play a prince for a few hours?

This post is shared from the East Kingdom Facebook list:

Pennsic needs Princes! No, no, it’s not that Adam Brennan (Prince of the East) is insufficient, but they need DISNEY Princes for the Children’s Fete. (There are usually many Princesses, though the organizer would be glad of more – she’s trying to not have overlaps.)
Anyone interested in being a period Disney Prince (or Princess) for the Children’s Fete should PM me and I’ll connect you with the organizer.
It’s about 4 hours and you don’t have to be there for the whole time. I went as medieval Merida last year and it was a hoot. Loved every minute of it. I strongly suggest it!

Contact Monique Bouchard (Aneleda Falconbridge) on Facebook to volunteer or for more information. For a better idea of what happens at the Fete, please see last year’s Pennsic Independent article.