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Oh yes indeed, something is brewing in Sterlynge Vayle, something that will prove to be an intoxicating combination of alcohol, mayhem, and edged weapons. Do not fear for anyone’s life, though. It’s just the annual event, Axes, Ales and Arrows! Plus, a bonus Sunday Regional Muster at the very same site!

Baroness Marianna Maria Pietrosanti supervises archery. Photo credit Michele Broton.

Axes, Ales, and Arrows

May 22-24, 2015

The Shire of Sterlynge Vayle has been home to many people over it’s decades of existence, and many wonderful events have been held in her borders. A Long Time Ago – or not as long as some might wish – they hosted an event called “Axes and Ales”. A member of their populace, Lady Briant Huntington, served as head organizer for this popular event, until one day, she left on a pilgrimage. Over a decade has come and gone since her departure, and the remaining members have become restless to find out what has happened to their shire-mate. A Quest has set before them and any who would dare to join them as they again hold Axes, Ales, and Arrows! (Hey, you didn’t think we were only going to have axes to protect us did you? We aren’t completely crazy!)

Who is this mysterious  Nest person, and what fate has she forced upon the sweet, biddable Lady Briant?

Who is this mysterious Nest person, and what fate has she forced upon the sweet, biddable Lady Briant?

The weekend’s tournaments in Thrown Weapons and Archery will all be on the theme with a goal of helping us find out just what happened to Lady Briant. Baroness Anastasie deLamoure will be organizing the weekends Thrown Weapons activities, and Baroness Mariana Maria Pietrosanti is planning some awesome Archery activities. There will be a brew tasting, as well as an evening Bardic circle. There are no plans for heavy or rapier activities but if marshals are available those so inclined may fight to their hearts content.

The event site is Evenmarch – 233 Doolittle Rd, Harpursville NY 13787, 4 miles north of Windsor (which is Exit 79 on NY Route 17/I-86) and 6 miles south of Harpursville (Exit 6 on I-88 – to 79 “East”). The Entrance for camping will be on Doolittle Road.

A tasty dayboard will be served that all may be refreshed during the day. Before departing join us for a grand feast showcasing the journey of Laird Perote Campbell and his staff as they recount their adventures heading to the Holy Land in search of Lady Briant and her search for the sacred thigh bone of Saint Ignacio .

For more excellent information on the event AND for the address, which is the location of Sunday’s Muster, please see the event announcement in full at the Hey! Event! page:

Axes, Ales, and Arrows!

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