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Unto the glorious kingdom of Aethelmearc do TRM Timothy and Gabrielle send greetings.

This Saturday, May 23rd, the Shire of ACG is holding a fighter practice and Aethelmearc workshop. We will be working on Champions baldrics for Pennsic, put some of the finishing touches on the glorious new list field as well as a few other projects that We have in mind for the kingdom.
The workshop and practice will run all day in New Berlin PA.
I (Timothy), intend to put my helmet on for the duration of the day. providing competition and instruction to any who desire it. If I can hold my sword, and someone wishes to learn, I will instruct. If I can stand, and someone wishes to spar, I will give it my all.
I invite any and all of my brother Knights to join me.

It is our fondest desire that some of our kingdom’s many elite fencers can make the journey and work with those who desire to better themselves.
Plus, we have the workshop. Come help us take the known world’s breath away. It is our desire for everyone who journeys to Pennsic to know full well that they stand on our Kingdom’s lands, and her colors are Red and White. Bring your consort and any friends who can help with these tasks, make a day of it.
We promise you won’t be disappointed.

For more information, please see the Aethelmearc Gazette’s previous post on May 11th concerning this workshop at Æthelmearc Kingdom Work Day & Martial Practice.

Their Royal Majesties of Aethemearc, Timothy and Gabrielle.

Their Royal Majesties of Aethemearc, Timothy and Gabrielle. Photo courtesy of Jim Bubb.