Gerichtlicher_ZweikampfGood morning!

It is my pleasure to announce to the Kingdom that we have a newly approved Historical Combat Policy. This policy will allow us to pursue, study, and demonstrate additional historical combat techniques and weapons in controlled and safe environments.

This is a non-competitive historical martial art activity that does allow for full practicing of scripted plays and maneuvers in controlled settings and with some restrictions. I think it will be a great avenue for further research and growth of the fighting arts. One of the big differences that this format will allow is the incorporation of grappling and weapon techniques not permitted in existing SCA martial systems. I look forward to getting this program off the ground.

I will be looking to add marshals for this activity in the coming weeks. Anyone wishing to be considered as a marshal should contact me at ae.historiccombat@aethelmearc.org. Please include any relevant experience and study. Currently Master Ian Muir is our only other approved marshal.

For those looking to participate, and I hope there are many of you, please take the time to review the policy which can be found here. Feel free to contact me with any questions and look for more information in the near future.

Finally, let me take the time to thank everyone that helped make this happen. It was a collaborative process and I appreciate everyone’s efforts.

Deputy for Historic Combat