our-lady-of-the-woodsA message from Lady Maggie Rue of the Royally Chartered East Kingdom Assassins’ Guild and the unchartered Æthelmearc Assassins Guild.

Last year at Pennsic a game was quietly played out among three teams at Pennsic: Æthelmearc, East Kingdom, and Acre. Aethelmearc won!

This year, however, Her Majesty Etheldreda Ivelchyld of the East Kingdom has not only decided to play, she’s going to PLAY as head of her assassins’ guild. Their Majesties of the Midrealm, Atlantia, and Outlands have also expressed interest and may be constructing teams as we speak..

Æthelmearc needs to show that they are still the best and sneakiest. Currently, we have three people who are hoping to play on the Æthelmearc team. For a full team we would need:

A Grandfather
up to Four Agents
up to Four Apprentices
At least one Spymaster in control of up to three spies.

There will be codes, packages, targets, and a plot.

Anyone who wishes to play MUST be willing to play by the rules provided as per the EK Royal Charter, which states (among others) the game must not interfere with the public, no harm may come to any, and no spam killings can occur–we’re not kidding about rules.

If seriously interested come to the Facebook page for the Aethelmearc Assassins’ guild here or contact me at tinamhrain@yahoo.com for further information. 

Lady Maggie Rue