Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Timothy & Gabrielle II, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Her Majesty’s Court at Melee Madness, 30 May Anno Societatis L, in the Barony of Endless Hills, accompanied by Their Excellencies Gunnar and Barbary Rose, Baron and Baroness of Endless Hills. As recorded by Their Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai.

Her Majesty called forth the children in attendance, and bade them meet with THL Alianora Bronhulle in the back of the hall, where treat bags had been prepared for them.

Her Majesty gave leave to Their Excellencies to conduct the business of their Baronial Court.

Emma Fynne was Awarded Arms for her enthusiasm in involving herself as a new person in many of the activities of our Society, including games and children’s activities, sewing, and helping to set up, run, and tear down events. Words from a scroll by Baroness Anastasie l’Amour were read.

Lord Chahagan Duras was inducted into the Order of the Golden Alce for his skill in fencing and training to become a fencing marshal, and also for his pursuit of the arts of heavy combat, target archery and combat archery. Scroll by Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen.

Lord Perote Gorman Campbell was created a Companion of the Keystone for his service as fencing and thrown weapons marshal and assisting with setup and teardown of events, and primarily for the numerous feasts that he has prepared for multiple events in multiple Kingdoms. Scroll by Lord Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde.

Lord Sigvaldi the Ram was elevated to the Order of the Keystone for his complete and utter inability to see something that needs to be done without doing it. Scroll illuminated and calligraphed by Baroness Barbary Rose upon words by Lord Perote Gorman Campbell.

Don Po, Captain of The Muses Call, and Lord Stefan, Captain of the Green Wolf’s Pluck, came forth as the two remaining Captains of the Royal Fleet and offered their tribute to their Queen. As the Fleet had been sailing for 6 years since receiving their charter from the Crown, and as Lord Stefan would soon have to retire from a life at sea to answer the call of the people to serve as the Baron of Endless Hills, Don Po inquired whether Her Majesty wished him to continue to sail the seas in the name of Æthelmearc. Her Majesty commanded him do so, and continue to bring the bounty of the oceans to the Crown.

Her Majesty named Lady Jinx as Her inspiration for the day, for the many pictures she takes to help all those who attend events remember the special moments of the day, and presented her with Her token of inspiration.

Her Majesty then asked all those who had contributed to the day’s scribal efforts to stand forth and be recognized.

There being no further business, Her Majesty’s Court was closed.