IMG_0113Unto the mighty Kingdom of Æthelmearc do Timothy and Gabrielle send warmest greetings,

In a few short weeks it will be Pennsic. The forces of the East and the Middle have marshalled their troops, and have decided to split Our Kingdom amongst themselves. Many amongst us have done what we could to rally others to our cause, and We have allies of Our own who will stand by Our side as we struggle to remain free. Atlantia, Ealdormere, Northshield, Ansteorra, Caid, the Tuchux, House Clovenshield and others will support us.

We are eternally grateful for all their assistance, but even with their help, we will have our hands full. These are our lands. It is time for us to step up to the plate. We have been amazed at the efforts of people throughout our Kingdom stepping up during these last few months. Fighters and fencers have been traveling throughout the Kingdom making muster after muster. People are authorizing in record numbers. Our ranks are swelling with new fighters, fencers and combat archers. Shires, Baronies and Households are having workshops (here’s looking at you Sable Maul) to equip more of our troops for the war.

It is deeply inspiring. With their Highnesses at our side, We will do everything in Our power to try and rally Our Kingdom to victory. His Majesty will be in armor, or under mask for every battle. Her Majesty will be joining the fencers for their battles, and both of Us will be shooting war points early each and every morning. If you want to meet Us at the range, it is Our intent to be at the range every day at 8:00AM. Several of Our marshals have agreed to open the range early so that We may have the opportunity to shoot alongside Our troops. It may turn out that the populace archery shoots decide the eventual outcome of the war. If you can, make the effort to not just shoot once or twice at the war, but pick up your bow once or twice before the war, and attend your local archery practice. Knock the rust off.

Æthelmearc, We are inspired by your efforts, and look to return the favor during this push for war.

Timothy and Gabrielle