This is the fourth in our series of Gazette editor profiles.

10246768_10102221683530449_6214104111123676632_nName: THL Ursula of Rouen
Editor Area/Title: Region 1 Editor

What made you want to join the Gazette staff?
When I was presented with the opportunity, I thought that it would be a great way to showcase a lot of what the Kingdom and the SCA have to offer. I like that it’s free and open to anyone, so it could serve as a great “welcome mat” for the society.

What do you like most about being on the Gazette staff?
I don’t consider myself a writer, but being able to collaborate with several great writers to see ideas turn into stories from interesting perspectives is really fun. We all work really well together and have a great time discussing and sharing ideas, finding pictures, and digging up articles.

How has the Gazette been received in your area?
I think Region 1, mundanely West Virginia, has welcomed the Gazette with open arms. We like having up-to-the-minute news from events. Personally, I really enjoy the enhanced Court Reports we’ve been doing; it’s really nice to be able to put names and faces together for some of the regions we don’t get to travel to as often as we’d like.

What kinds of articles would you like to encourage people to submit?
ANYTHING! Seriously. If you have an idea and want to share it, please send it to us. We are really good at working with you to fill in details and find pictures that make it look polished. I really like the How-To articles that show you how simple some things really are to do as well. Even if you just have an idea, we’d love to hear it. We are here to serve Æthelmearc and want to publish articles the populace wants to read.

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