The fifth in a series of Gazette editor profiles.

Staff Member: Lord Magnus de Lyons
Staff Title:  Region 4 (Western NY) and scheduling.

lanceWhat made you want to join the Gazette staff?
The moment I heard about the project I wanted to be a part of it. To keep the SCA alive and vital we need a constant influx of new people and attracting these people in 2015 (and beyond) requires that the SCA keeps pace with modern technology. As the Chronicler for my local Barony I constantly struggle with getting information out to people in a timely fashion. In the hour I spend writing an event report for a monthly newsletter that same information has already hit social media and reached hundreds of people. The Gazette provides a modern user friendly gateway for information. The stories are up to the minute, fast paced, and visually exciting. It is the future and I am excited to be a part of it.

So what do you do for the Gazette?
Primarily I am the scheduler and make up the monthly schedule for the daily editors. Once a month I shoot out a message to the team asking the editors if they have any concerns, issues, conflicts, or days that can’t work. I also scan event calendars and plan the schedule around larger events (in multiple Kingdoms). Early on we set up a system for Holidays and “Event Holidays”. On these days we don’t schedule a daily editor to give the staff a chance to enjoy their families and events. Even with this system I don’t think we have missed a day (holiday or otherwise). The editors are a hard working bunch and often work during events, holidays, and multiple days during the month. I am also the editor for Region 4 (Western NY). Honestly the daily editors do such a great job covering the Kingdom as a whole I have not put this job title to much use.

What do you like most about being on the Gazette staff?
I like being surrounded by such a hardworking and involved group of people. They have a true love for what they are doing and it shows in their work. There is such a diverse set of skills and experience in the group you can’t help but learn from them. The Gazette staff is just another wonderful addition to my SCA family.

How has the Gazette been received in your area?
Honestly pretty seamlessly. My local group is a strong mix of tech savvy and newer people and they took to the idea of the Gazette really well and I don’t think this is unique to my area. Leading up to the formation of the Gazette there was already strong push to include social media in the SCA and the Gazette was just a natural progression of that change. The Gazette was well received because it was long overdue and people welcomed its arrival.

What kinds of articles would you like to encourage people to submit?
If I had to pick just one subject I would like to see more of it would be interest pieces on day to day life hacks for the SCA. Bits and pieces of information geared towards new people to help them grow and survive in the SCA. Subjects like what to do (and not do) in court, at a feast, or when attending certain types of tournaments. There are tons of little tricks and tips that many of us take for granted but might prove useful to others.

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