This is the third in THL Deryk Archer’s series on making archery targets.

Chipy 1

Here we have a 3D target of a chipmunk, made of a self-sealing foam. You can buy many different targets of animals like this one at Pennsic. The problem is, he is only 5 inches tall, hides in tall grass, if you miss you might lose your arrow, and when you hit ” chipy” he will tumble and break your arrow.

Here’s what you need to make him better:

  • Styrofoam sheet 12×12 inch
  • Camouflage duct tape
  • 2-inch wide self-adhesive Velcro
  • Plastic vines from the dollar store
  • A smaller piece of styrofoam 3×5 inches
  • Brown duct tape
  • Green string
  • 2 tent stakes
  • And, of course, you need “chipy”

First, tape the 12×12 foam sheet with the camouflage tape.

Chipy 4 fuzzy

Then, cover the 3×5 piece of foam with the brown duct tape. You now have a small tree stump.

Chipy 5 fuzzy

Cut the Velcro into two pieces. Attach one side of the first piece of Velcro to the tree stump and the other to the camo background. Attach one side of the second piece to Chipy’s back, and the other to the Camo-taped foam background.

Chipy 6

Next, add the plastic vines to the foam background to make the target more outdoor-like.

Chipy 8

Now tape a line of green string to the bottom of the back of the camo-taped foam, and spike the ends of the line into the ground with the tent stakes.

Chipy 9

With the target secured to the ground, it will only fall straight back. Now you have to walk up to the target to see if you hit “chipy,” because when the target falls backward it’s as if he ran away when you hit the background.

Chipy 11

Using mounted targets of a variety of different foam animals like the ones shown below, you can do a walk-through range of a hunting trip. Scoring can be 3 points for the background and 5 points for hitting the chipmunk, rabbit, turkey, and so on.

Chipy 10 Chipy 13 Chipy 14

As always, I would like to hear from the archery community for feedback. You can contact me on Facebook.

My next installment will be on safety.

‘Til next time, be safe, have fun, shoot often.


All photos by THLord Deryk.