AvacalThe first King and Queen of the new Kingdom of Avacal were crowned on Saturday, June 27th, A.S. L, in the Shire of Bitter End (located in central Alberta, Canada).

The SCA’s newest Kingdom is comprised of the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, and the eastern portion of British Columbia.

This video of the crowning of King Albrecht and Queen Nasheeta was posted to YouTube by Ryan Schriml.

Vivat Avacal!

In addition, at the request of Their Royal Majesties An Tir, this scroll was created to commemorate Their Principality becoming the Kingdom of Avacal.

Photo by THLady Sarra the Brave.

Photo by THLady Sarra the Brave, Sable Sable Scribe of An Tir. Click the photo to open it, and then click again for a closeup view.

Scribes from throughout the Kingdom of An Tir collaborated on this great art. The team included:

  • Design & Line Art — HL Adrianna the Fierce
  • Words — Sir Styrkarr Jarlsskald & HL Laurin of Rosewood
  • Calligraphy — Lady Alicia du Bois
  • Gilding — HL Renart the Fox of Berwick
  • Base Paint — Lady Brewyn Celestia Wynhaven
  • Detailing — Viscountess Celdae the Seeker
  • Avacal’s Voice — Countess Inga in hraustliga, Avacal Kingdom Scribe
  • Project Manager — HL Sarra the Brave, An Tir Kingdom Scribe

The scroll is 22″ x 30″, reflects 165 hours (directly onto the paper), and traveled approximately 4,500km (2,800 miles) from inception to delivery.

It was an incredibly hot muggy day, so the scroll was signed in court but not sealed (the seals were melting in the heat).