The next in the series of Gazette editor profiles.


One of these photos is Aoife, and one is a perfect representation of how she feels when approaching a deadline (snap of a portrait taken at the Vatican last year).

Name: Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon
Editor Area/Title: Ephemera, Aoife’s Links

What made you want to join the Gazette staff?
My service has often been about communication. The Gazette was such a worthwhile endeavor, I couldn’t resist. I just graduated last year with a spiffy communications degree. It’s what I do. When my former Apprentice asked me if I wanted in, I was so very proud to see a little of my legacy come forward into the next era of reenactment communication. It touches my heart.

What do you like most about being on the Gazette staff?
There is a seriousness to the craft, even when we are being funny. We bounce ideas around to be sure we haven’t missed anything important not only in coverage, but in attitudes that might need to be curbed (or promoted) for the benefit of others. We often know about others who have a 11355552_10153274279848277_89181612_n“mission” in the SCA, and yet that mission is often skewed by the demands of others, the needs of important people, and while we like to talk about those things that impassion us in our articles, we want to be kind, thoughtful, and mindful. There are few, if any, opinion pieces, and that’s on purpose.

We also want to know who won the arts tourney in the Shire, what special projects are being taken up in the Dominion, which group welcomed a new member or a new baby, and how citizens travelled to other lands, and witnessed the traditions of other Kingdoms. The Gazette is the first news source in Æthelmearc that holds no official capacity. Even though that is true, it has grown dramatically in readership because we know we can be trusted not to over inflate, to not pander to personal points of view, and to be respectful. It might be exaggerating to say that we champion the underdog, but I am fairly sure that we represent those who don’t have fancy hats or high ranking titles as well as those who do. The Gazette is, simply, everyman’s SCAdian news source in the Kingdom. We are here to tell you the news, and that’s it.

How has the Gazette been received in your area?
Honestly, I’ve been a little more forward about my affiliation with the Gazette than others, so there’s starting to be some interest in getting the Eastern areas of the Kingdom into the arena, so to speak. I and my fellow editors don’t need to create your content, unless you need help. We want to hear those voices, the folks who might be new to putting together an article. I know there are some fabulous writers out there, so everyone should feel free to write up their own stuff and submit it. Whomever is editing that day we receive it will look it over briefly for simple stuff like spelling and swear words. Don’t be surprised if you get a request for pictures, or more information. If your group is doing it, and it’s interesting, we want to know.

What kinds of articles would you like to encourage people to submit?
We’re all used to shortening the event announcements for the newsletters because we had to do that for so long. The Gazette has no such limitations. If your event has a fun theme or special challenge, we’d like to know about it! The Gazette covers all of the Kingdom, not just the “Golden Crescent” on the western border. That means smaller groups should feel free to use the Gazette as a resource to attract an attendance for their events. Those smaller events are my personal favorite. I hope the Gazette can help preserve and promote them.

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