Knight's chain from quietpress.com.

Knight’s chain from quietpress.com.

Unto the Populace of Æthelmearc do Sir Byron and Sir Ariella send Greetings!

In the Barony of Thescorre was held a tournament of heavy weapons, where the Chivalry of Æthelmearc bore witness to feats of prowess from amongst our unbelted fighters. The Chivalry present were His Majesty Timothy, His Highness Tindal, Their Graces Maynard, Marcus, and Khalek, His Excellency Yngvar, and ourselves. The unbelted fighters who met us on the field to test their mettle were Athos, Lothar, Bjorn, Bluestar, Beatrix, Thorsol, John, Esmar, Fridrich, Sittius, and Tadgh.

The Knights met in conference to select the two gentles who had most impressed them, and thus were the finalists, Bluestar and Thorsol, brought before the assembled crowd. In a finals match that saw 5 double-kills, Bluestar emerged victorious.

We salute all of the noble fighters who came to the listfield for this Gold Chain Tournament. We extend our thanks to the Marshall in Charge, Ciaran, who allowed us to fight on this day. We would also thank Master John, who provided a large tent for the fighters.