AEthelmearcGreetings Æthelmearc.

The Royal encampment setup is scheduled to begin Sunday, July 26 at 10 a.m. The flatbed should be at the camp at that point to load up. However, there is one GIANT change starting this year…

Due to staffing issues for the Coopers, we have been advised that the flatbed will only be available for one trip per Kingdom encampment as of this year.

Because of this change, we will need assistance from Æthelmearc citizens who can help haul equipment from the storage trailer behind the archery field to Æthelmearc Royal.

We also will need assistance hauling equipment back to the storage trailer during breakdown on Friday, August 7. If anyone can commit to assisting for even an hour or two, we could really use the help.

We are looking for several individuals with trucks or trailers to help haul tents, poles, tables, benches, and everything else out of the trailer. I am asking volunteers who would be willing to commit to doing so to contact me at damekateryna@gmail.com so that we can work out a time you can commit to helping.

We also need the normal help in Æthelmearc Royal to assist with setting up the Kingdom encampment tents, sheet walls, field pavilions, etc. We will need people throughout the day on a rotating basis, either as individuals or as groups. Even just an hour or two would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dame Kateryna
Æthelmearc Royal Camp Coordinator