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Their Excellencies Aquila d’Athos and Bronwyn nic Gregor approach their last court as Baron and Baroness of Thescorre. Photo by Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg

By Duchess Branwyn ferch Gwythyr

The general peace of the Barony of Thescorre was broken the last weekend in June at Pax Interruptus XXXIX. With the attendance of Their Royal Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle, and His Royal Highness Magnus Tindal, despite the heavy and constant rain, the stepping down of Their Avian Excellencies, Aquila d’Athos and Bronwyn nic Gregor, and the investiture of a new baroness, Sadira bint Wassouf, were witnessed.

Friday Evening Torchlight Tourney

As is traditional, a torchlight tourney was held on the Friday evening of Pax, run by His Grace Duke Khalek. The evening was beautiful, though chilly, and within the circle of many-colored torches, 9 combatants showed their mettle.

A challenging tourney with increasing opponents faced the participants, and though Beatrix Krieger and Ciaran Faxi Ullson were neck-in-neck for most of the tourney, Ciaran emerged the winner.

Morning Court

The Investiture was ushered in with a light rain, but this did nothing to dim the proceedings.


Sadira bint Wassouf takes her oath. Photo by Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg

Their Majesties allowed Their Excellencies Aquila and Bronwyn to conduct their business, after which They conducted some business of Their own. Following this, Their Majesties thanked Aquila and Bronwyn for holding Their lands in Thescorre, and Their Excellencies returned the baronial coronets of Thescorre to Their Majesties’ hands. Their Majesties then granted Court Baronecies to them for their service.

Baroness Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf, was formerly the second Baroness of Thescorre with her husband Saleem, who sadly passed away two years ago. She was called into court, followed by three camels of dubious heritage and attended by her daughter Baroness Nuzha bint Saleem, who sang a beautiful piece she composed for this day.

Baroness Sadira then took her oath, and received both coronets of Thescorre, becoming the eighth Baroness of Thescorre.

Martial Activities

As the rain grew heavier, the heavy fighters, undaunted, took the field for a Gold Chain Tourney run by Their Excellencies, Baron Sir Byron and Baroness Sir Ariella.


The intrepid fighters take the field. Photo by Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg

Eight knights formed a circle around which eleven unbelted combatants fought five bouts with each. At the close of this stage, the knights gathered together to discuss their opponents, and determined The Honorable Lord Thorsol Solinauga and The Honorable Lord Bluestar as the finalists.

These two lords then fought each other, but were unable to best each other conclusively for many bouts, until at last, Lord Bluestar was victorious.

The tournament was followed by a brief set of melees, and then pole-arm and spear practice in pairs until the cold and wet finally drove them from the field late in the afternoon.

Perhaps with more forethought, the fencers took the hall for their activities, rather than remaining on the increasingly soaked field.

Nine fencers tested their mettle against each other, ending the day with a fun and challenging game.

Six archers braved the weather to compete in a tournament, of which the winner was Cynewulf Rendell.

Pax was also host to the Thrown Weapons portion of the Seven Pearls Tourney, in which the champions of all seven baronies in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc compete against each other annually.

This year, the winner of the Seven Pearls Thrown Weapons Competition was Andrew of Thescorre.

Entertainment and Dining

Though there were children’s activities and youth fighting scheduled, a dearth of youth made it difficult to continue with them, and so they were cancelled.

However, some brave youths could be seen playing on the playground and making their own fun.

A good number of merchants attended Pax, and the wool cloth especially went quickly, as people tried to escape from the chill.

Baroness Mistress Katja and her kitchen staff created an excellent finger-food lunch wrapped in cloth napkins, which included beef rolls, chicken pies, bean pies, pickles, cheese, cherries, and two kinds of sweets.

“Gentles seemed to appreciate that they could grab a bagged lunch and go without standing in a long line, and several people thanked me for including an ingredients list with each bagged lunch.
Although the weather was cruddy, Baron Eric and I had wonderful help from several gentles to set up the lunch tent before the rain began and swift help taking it down during the afternoon downpour, for which I am very grateful!” said Katja.

Evening Court

Their Majesties, His Highness, and Her Excellency held court in the evening, where they and their heralds met the challenge to be heard above the roar of the storm.

Baroness Sadira receives the new mathom. Photo by Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg.

Baroness Sadira receives the new mathom. Photo by Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg.

Baroness Sadira reluctantly received a brand new and improved mathom*, filled with the tokens for the populace of Thescorre to wear: The Heads of Bob the Raven, so that the Barony can go “Bob-bob-bobbin’ along” to Pennsic.

Their Majesties expressed their appreciation for the many people who attended despite the weather, and Her Majesty gave a token to Lady Venetia, who had done many tasks for Her even with a broken toe.

The autocrat, Lady Elen Woderose, felt that the event went very well, and thanked the many people who made it work. “It went swimmingly! … Thescorre (and the SCA in general) pulls together beautifully when plans have to change on the spot. Never underestimate the populace. … Every single time I needed a hand, I got about three or four. The love of my liege lords and ladies really glued this event together, and that glue was waterproof.”

*The mathom is a long and storied tradition of The Barony of Thescorre; based on The Lord of the Rings, it is a gift which no one wants, but once you have received it you have to keep it until someone else accepts it. Frequently the next recipient is tricked into receiving it.


Camels of dubious heritage. Photo by Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg