Greetings from the editor of Tournaments Illuminated!

Vitrail_Cathédrale_Troyes_150208_01Our upcoming Quest article is “Hints For Glass-Workers”, with Guest Editor Cynthia Konow-Brownell / Thea Gabrielle Northernridge

Pliny the Elder said the Phoenicians first stumbled on the secret of glass manufacture. The Romans knew and loved it; in tinted, pieced form it graced Gothic cathedrals; in Renaissance Venice, cristallo glass set a new standard for beauty and workability. In the Society, lamp-workers re-create glass beads from many eras and locations; glass is blown, etched, pieced in mosaics and stained glass panels, and worked in any number of beautiful ways.

Send your hints and helps for any of the glass-working arts (up to 300 words) to tieditor@sca.org by August 7 and it may be included in the 4rd Quarter 2015 Issue of Tournaments Illuminated. If you’d like to include images of your work or process, please write for photo specs.