ExchequerGreetings unto my beloved friends and Kingdom. I want to take the time to thank everyone who has been an exchequer over the last 4 years and thank you for your patience with me at times when things went sideways. It has been a long 4 years and I am ready to retire. As Master Tofi will be taking over the position of Kingdom Exchequer as of Pennsic Aethelmearc Court, this will be my last official missive as the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The Society Audit has been completed by the outside auditors and based on their recommendations the following changes are effective immediately.

1) All groups MUST submit a signed, balanced statement of all accounts monthly to the Kingdom Regional Exchequer.

The bank statement must be balanced with the check register and account for all outstanding items. The statement (and if separate, the accounting form) must be signed and dated by both the Exchequer and the Seneschal. The documents can be scanned and emailed, but must be to the Kingdom by no later than the last day of the following month. Please send all prior months for 2015 by August 31st. Any group needing assistance with how to complete this should send someone to the Exchequer meeting at Pennsic or contact Master Tofi after Pennsic.

2) All NMS must be turned into the Kingdom NMS Secretary by 10 Calendar days after the close of the event and this includes mail time. The kingdom will be required from July on to turn in all NMS funds to the Society Monthly so this is a hard deadline. I ask that you prepare the form and check when closing gate at the event and put it in the mail on the way home to ensure receipt. We will be contacting Seneschals and Exchequers privately for events occurring in July, August and September to ensure they are aware of the changes.

3) No signer on a checking account may sign a check for themselves or any family member. To accommodate this, I am going to suggest strongly that whenever possible each group have 3 local signers plus the Kingdom signer on the account. If this is not possible, checks will need to be endorsed by the Kingdom signer in cases of conflicts with this rule.

If anyone would like to discuss anything with me, I will be camping in Æthelmearc Royal this year and I will be available for private conversations.

Thank you all.

Yours In Service,
Dame Kateryna ty Isaf
Chancellor of the Exchequer