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Is your head spinning with all there is to do at Pennsic? Not sure how you’ll keep it all straight? The Gazette is here to help! Here’s the second in a series of articles of Æthelmearc Kingdom Happenings at Pennsic.

Keep it together! Download a print-and-write blank schedule booklet, courtesy of Maestro Philip of the Marche. (For an online overall Pennsic schedule, click here.) 

There are many, many opportunities to volunteer at Pennsic. Volunteering for the War is even worth a War Point this year, so don’t forget to register your hours!

In addition, our fair Kingdom’s success at Pennsic also depends on you! Please give an hour or two (or more!) of your time to support Æthelmearc at PennsicNeeds include:

  • Kingdom Encampment Set-up and Tear Down
  • Kingdom Encampment Gate Guards
  • Kingdom Hospitality Tent
  • Royal Retaining
  • SASS (Sylvan Army Support Services)
  • Æthelmearc Kingdom Party
  • Inspection Point

Interested? Here are the details for each:

Kingdom Encampment Set-up and Tear Down
Contact: Dame Kateryna (damekateryna@gmail.com)
Dates/times: Set-up Sun Jul 26 10am; Tear Down Fri Aug 7th, 10am

The Royal encampment setup is scheduled to begin Sunday July 26 at 10 am. The flatbed should be at the camp at that point to go and load up.  However there is one GIANT Change starting this year…

Due to staffing issues for the Coopers, we have been advised that the flatbed will only be available for one trip per Kingdom encampment as of this year. Because of this change, we are going to need assistance from Aethelmearc citizens who can help haul equipment from the storage trailer behind the archery field to Aethelmearc Royal.  We are also going to need assistance hauling equipment back to the storage trailer during breakdown on Friday August 7th. If anyone can commit to assisting for even an hour or
two, we could really use the help.

We are looking for several individuals with trucks or trailers who can help haul tents, poles, tables, benches and everything else out of the trailer.  I am asking for volunteers who would be willing to commit to doing so to contact me at damekateryna@gmail.com so that we can work out a time you can commit to helping.

We also need the normal help in Aethelmearc Royal to assist with set up of the Kingdom encampment tents, sheet walls, field pavillions, etc.  We will need people throughout the day on a rotating basis, either as individuals or as groups.  Even just an hour or two would be greatly appreciated.

Kingdom Encampment Gate Guards
Contact: Lady Aemilia Soteria (aemiliasoteria@gmail.com)
Dates/times: various

Unto the best gentles in the Knowne World does Soteria send greetings! Our beautiful Kingdom encampment at Pennsic needs your assistance. Can you lend but an hour or two of your time to help defend its walls from potential invasion? Please consider your Pennsic schedule and see if you can fit in even an hour to proudly stand guard at the gates of Your Kingdom encampment. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. Please contact me at aemiliasoteria@gmail.com and let me know when you may be available.

Kingdom Hospitality Tent
Contact: Tiarna Padraig (nihilxaos@gmail.com)
Dates/times: 10am to 6pm July 27th through July 31st;
9am through 7pm August 1st through August 7th

For those not in the know, hospitality is in charge of the populace pavilion at the AE Royal Encampment where we provide anyone who would like a place to sit, cool/dry off, hydrate, and socialize. We make sure people get answers to their questions, directed to wherever they need to go in the Royal Encampment, take messages, and accept gifts to the crown.

I am looking for volunteers to fill shifts throughout the war. We like to have two people manning the desk during open hours. We always make sure to schedule at least one experienced person in a shift, so if you’re new to hospitality feel free to sign up and we’ll get you up to speed in no time.

The hospitality schedule runs from 10am to 6pm July 27th through July 31st (peace week), and 9am through 7pm August 1st through August 7th (war week). Shifts are two hours long. Hospitality will be closed during kingdom court, and adjustments will be made for other activities taking place in the royal encampment or as demand requires it.

If possible please sign up in advance! I can be reached at this email address, nihilxaos@gmail.com. If you can’t commit yet to a time, the hospitality schedule book will be at the hospitality desk to sign up in once you get to Pennsic. Of course, early choice means the best times are available.

Royal Retaining
Contact: Lady Rowena (sodtigger@gmail.com)
Dates/Times: See linked Google doc

Greetings! Have you ever wanted to retain for Their Majesties at Pennsic? Do you have an hour here or there? If so, today is your lucky day! The Pennsic Retaining Schedule is available as an editable file in Google Drive. Please take a look a sign up for the shifts that work best with your schedule.

If we have gaps, we will have a copy at the hospitality tent for others to sign up on site as well. Our biggest need will be War Week during the days.

If you have questions or can’t access the file, please send me an email at sodtigger @ gmail DOT com.

Link to Google Doc

SASS (Sylvan Army Support Services)
Contact: Lady Aemilia Soteria (aemiliasoteria@gmail.com)
Dates/Times: All field battles, Heavy and Rapier

SASS, the Sylvan Army Support Service, is looking for your assistance. Every Pennsic, SASS provides watermelon, olives, pickles and water during the field battles to Aethelmearc and her allies. This year we will be including all fencing battles as well!!! This is something that cannot be done by one person. I am in search of donations and volunteers to help on the days of the battles. We will need help with all field battles, both Heavy and Fencing. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Æthelmearc Kingdom Party
Contact: Baron Janos (caseyodonovan@yahoo.com)
Dates/Times: Thurs, Aug 6th, 8pm – 11pm

We are looking for some more support in helping with the Æthelmearc Party on Thursday. Specifically we are looking for servers and those wishing to run one of the seven pilgrimage stations. Please reach out to me (caseyodonovan@yahoo.com) directly if you have an interest in joining the fun.

Inspection Point
Contact: Baroness Rynea (Kseib91@gmail.com)
Dates/Times: see below, but especially Fri July 31 through Mon Aug 3rd

Unto the Knowne World does Baroness Rynea Von Ingen send greetings.  With
Pennsic quickly approaching and our schedules filling up, I am putting out
a request for assistance at inspection point.  We are in need of MOL’s,
mollets and anyone willing to help sign fighters in as there is plenty to
be done.

Inspection Point’s schedule is as follows:

Tuesday             July 28th                9am – 4pm
Wednesday      July 29th                9am – 4pm
Thursday           July 30th                9am – 4pm
Friday                  July 31st              9am – 4pm
Saturday            August 1st           8am – 4pm
Sunday               August 2nd           9am – 4pm
Monday             August 3rd           8am – 4pm
Tuesday             August 4th            9am – 4pm
Wednesday      August 5th            CLOSED
Thursday           August 6th            9am – 4pm
Friday                  August 7th            9am -10 am

Inspections point will be CLOSED during all Battles.

Our busiest days are Friday July 31 through Monday August 3rd.  If you can
spare even as much as a hour it would be most helpful and much appreciated. Please email me your name, contact information as well as the days and hours that you are available to Kseib91@gmail.com.  Did I mention that it
is a great way to meet people and fun?


Information for this article was gleaned from the SCA-AE mailing list. If there’s anything that needs to be added or changed, comment here or email aethgazette@gmail.com ~Hilda