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King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle. Photo by Christina Mary Lowe, called Jinx.

King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle. Photo by Christina Mary Lowe, called Jinx.

Unto Noble Æthelmearc do Timothy and Gabrielle send greetings,

It is time for battle. The combined might of the kingdoms of the East and the Middle has been massing at Our borders for months. All efforts at peaceful negotiations with them have proven fruitless. They have even been making overtures to draw others alongside them.

Through diplomacy, the mighty hosts from the Kingdoms of Atlantia, Ansteorra, Ealdormere, Northshield  and Caid have chosen to join Us. We have nearly secured a few more. We are proud that Our friends the Tuchux, House Clovenshield, the Mountain Confederation, the Dark Horde and a few others have also chosen to join Us.

Our Kingdom has worked very, very hard at preparations for months to ensure that we send these invading hordes back to their lands. Our hearts soar when We witness the efforts of each and every one of you. Fighters and fencers have been authorizing in vast numbers, and traveling great distances to attend regional and Kingdom musters. Members of our Scarlet Guard report people readying themselves for shooting the war points (you should join them).

We need to show the known world, both Our “enemies” and Our allies just how strong and committed Æthelmearc is. From the moment the war begins, we need to show them that THESE ARE OUR LANDS. We would love to see each and every one of you join Us at opening ceremonies clad in your AE Red. Banners, tabards, shields, anything with our kingdoms arms or badge should be present. Fighter, fencer or spectator, join Us at every battle and cheer your Kingdom on to victory!

We look forward to standing beside each and every one of you during these battles. Long Live Æthelmearc,

Timothy and Gabrielle