This message was posted on the Official Pennsic 44 Facebook page.

While the weather has been warmer and drier at Pennsic this week the ground is still soft in many places and so the Mayor has declared:

Due to concerns about potential weather conditions, attendees who arrive pulling storage trailers may, if they wish and with the permission of their land group, keep those trailers in their camps rather than parking them in the parking lot. Space for said trailers will have to come out of the encampment’s square footage allotment (i.e.: no extra land will be allotted). This allowance is just for Pennsic 44. This does not apply to RVs which still have to be registered through the Coopers.

If your car or trailer gets stuck, ask at the War Room and the Coopers will send out a tractor to assess the situation. The tractor driver will determine if they can tow you out. Due to increased use of plastic in car construction, Cooper management cannot promise to tow without damage to the car. If the tractor driver determines that he cannot tow your vehicle you will need to call a tow truck, in which case off site vendor policy (see the Pennsic Book) will apply. You can get a list of towing companies at Info Point, or check with the Watch as they also use towing services.

Serengetti and Fort from Mt Eislinn AW